Career Building: Initial Reflection Upon the Personal Skills – Resume/CV Example

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The paper "Career Building: Initial Reflection Upon the Personal Skills' is a great example of a resume on education. Currently, I am a second-year law student at Southampton Solent University. There are various benefits gained from joining University or any other higher learning institution (Shona 2010, par. 6). I hope to gain more knowledge and skills that will enhance my professionalism as a lawyer. In the university, I will get the opportunity to take part in projects with my fellow students and hence learn more skills from them. The University will also provide me with the opportunity to put my skills into practice by organizing practicum with law farms.

The practicum will also allow me to interact with experienced lawyers and be able to learn more skills in relation to my career. By undertaking the practicum, I will also have the opportunity to meet with potential employers who can offer me a job upon completing my studies. Apart from gaining knowledge and skills, University will provide me with rich social experience. In the University, I will meet with many people from various cultures and hence will learn the values, practice and believes of various cultures In today’ s society, poor people face many injustices at the mercy of the rich and the powerful.

One factor that makes these people fail to get the justice they deserve is that they don’ t have adequate money to get experienced lawyers who can present their court cases. The suffering of this vulnerable community is what has influenced me to become a lawyer since I want to help them the best way I can. Apart from this, there are other factors that have influenced my decision to become a lawyer.

This includes a diversity of a career in the field of law, gaining a clear understanding of the law, good salary among others (Jared 2011, par. 3). I decided to join the University so as to develop my career as a lawyer and be able to achieve my career goals. My career aspiration is to become a highly professional lawyer in order to reach out to the poor, who suffer much injustice and offer them my services at an affordable price.

I aspire to work in a big reputable law organization and fully exercise my skills as a lawyer. Being in the second year of study, I have already gained various skills related to law. I have a better understanding of the law and how it can be applied in solving various cases. Through studying law, I have also gained other skills which are crucial for a lawyer.    


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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