Why People Skip Breakfast – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Why People Skip Breakfast" is a great example of a research proposal on family and consumer science. It is easy, during busy mornings, to miss breakfast by simply letting it fall low. However, finding a few minutes to take it is essential and healthy (Katie, Lawton, & Dye, 2013). Breakfast offers the brain and body fuel after a long night fast. That is the origin of the name- to break the fast. According to nutritionists, breakfast should be consumed within two hours after one wakes up. It is expected to provide 20%-35% of the guideline daily allowance (GDA).

Breakfast is, therefore, an essential meal of the day. Nevertheless, a lot of people still skip breakfast due to many reasons. This essay focuses on establishing the reasons why people skip breakfast. 1.1 Why it is important to investigate the reasons that people miss breakfast. Investigating breakfast and why some people tend to miss it is very fundamental. This is because skipping breakfast has got a range of effects on the body of a human being. Consuming breakfast is, to a large extent, associated with outcomes that are positive for micronutrient intake, diet quality, lifestyle factors, and weight status.

Breakfast positively impacts a child’ s learning life. It positively affects cognitive development, school performance, and the behavior of a child. When examining the performance and development of a child, it is very crucial to investigate why households miss breakfast. It is, therefore, necessary to know why people miss breakfast so that mechanisms of encouraging breakfast consumption are put in (Conners & Blouin, 1982) According to the Guardian (2010), approximately 31 million Americans do not take breakfast due to several reasons.

About 32% of Britons skip breakfast. One in every ten people never takes breakfast; those who take breakfast do not spend more than 9.8 minutes daily. 13% of people in Spain miss breakfast compared to 18% in France and 13% in Italy. Skipping breakfast makes a person, and it could lead to some chronic diseases in a kid’ s adulthood. According to research, failing to take breakfast increases body fat because a person tends to consume more food during the day to control severe hunger. Larger quantities of food have more calories than timely consumed less food research suggests (Cooksey, 1963). 1.2The reasons why people skip breakfast There are many reasons why individuals miss breakfast.

For instance, Britons tend to be too busy to take breakfast (The Guardian, 2010). They are either finishing up the office work they carried home or are doing household chores. Most people, however, miss breakfast because of the tendency of remaining in bed for long hours. This is common during weekends or days. Some people skip breakfast because of excuses related to poor time management, laziness, and cutting weight.

However, poor people skip breakfast because they cannot afford its cost. Most people, especially in Africa, both grownups and the young miss breakfast because they cannot afford it. Bidgood and Cameron (1992), suggest that people below the poverty line skip breakfast twice often compared to others. Research shows that women tend to skip not only breakfast but also lunch as compared to men. This is related to weight loss mechanisms (Bidgood, & Cameron, 1992).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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