Effect of Brexit of the European Union – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Effect of Brexit of the European Union" is a good example of the politics research proposal.   After the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU), many believe that it will present an enormous challenge to the EU. The UK’ s referendum outcome on the EU membership has shaped the country’ s future in terms of how it relates to the EU, which is its largest trade partner. The EU membership helped reduce trade costs between the United Kingdom and other countries across Europe. The UK will start experiencing tariff barriers that had been removed by the EU.

As it will be demonstrated in this piece, Brexit will destabilise the EU forces favouring the greater integration. Many EU members’ states, especially Germany will become more preponderant. In the meantime, the British are facing a difficult as well as lengthy negotiation for a new relationship. Many pundits hold that UK’ s withdrawal from the EU will lead to numerous consequences for the EU stability, both in the short-term as well as the long-term. Furthermore, Brexit could reduce trade integration between the UK and the EU through indirect and direct trade effects.

The increased political uncertainty and ambiguity concerning the negotiations’ outcome with regard to the new institutional set up between the UK and the EU is e expected to intensify the undesirable effects of trade disintegration. In the long-term, Brexit would result in deeper issues with the European Union, particularly the reputation of the euro area. Still, Brexit, as well as the ongoing distrust of EU institutions, creates the opportunity to largely re-think the euro area institutional structure from the initial principles.

The European Union can be defined as a political as well as economic union between nearly 28 countries in Europe. Initially, the EU started as an entirely economic union but has progressively evolved to become an institution that focuses on different policy areas such as health, environment and climate as well as security, external relations, and migration. More importantly, the EU is anchored in the rule of law: all its activities are based on treaties, democratically and voluntarily approved by all the member states. Brexit is a term commonly utilised to refer to UK’ s withdrawal from the EU after people voted for a British exit in a historic  referendum  that happened 23rd June 2016.

After the referendum, the government of the UK started the process of withdrawal on 29th March 2017 and will eventually leave by mid-2019. 2.0 Aim To examine the effect of Brexit on the European Union To determine the uncertainty regarding the economic prospects of the EU and the UK To determine the impact of the uncertainty shock from the Brexit vote and political consequence in the EU 3.0 Methodology: The study utilises the systematic literature review method to determine the effect on Brexit on the EU.

Given that a huge amount of research has been produced regarding Brexit, the study will utilise systematic review to produce reliable information regarding the effect of Brexit. The systematic review is utilised to address the issue through identification and critical evaluation of the findings of every high-quality and relevant individual studies. The systematic review is used to establish the progress of research towards clarifying the Brexit issue. More importantly, the systematic review is used to identify the inconsistencies, contradictions, relations, and gaps in the existing literature.

The systematic review has a crucial characteristic, which includes the synthesis of the results, which in this study, results from previously conducted studies and opinions from the experts. The most vital part of the synthesis process will be the assessment of the studies’ quality before their utilisation. The assessment will help in assigning different weights to the findings of the selected studies. Those deemed to have poor quality or less important will be excluded from this study. The crucial effect of the assessment is to make sure that the research could influence review positively and ensure the research findings are sound.

The synthesis will be utilised to formulate recommendations and conclusions. The systematic review is utilised to illuminate the connections between the studies’ detail found as well as the conclusions made by the studies. In this case, search terms will be utilised for the literature search (Brexit, European Union, economic impact, and political impact). The search terms are focused in order to make them adequately broad in scope to get hold of every important data yet narrow as much as necessary to reduce the capture of irrelevant literature which could lead to needless effort and time being spent examining extraneous articles.

While carrying out the reviews’ systematic review, individual studies will be utilised to strengthen the study findings.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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