Vocabulary as an Essential Element in the Story Writing Abilities – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Vocabulary as an Essential Element in the Story Writing Abilities" is a wonderful example of a research proposal on education. This research is seeking to explore the effect of teaching vocabulary on the ability to write a story. Teaching vocabulary helps learners in acquiring new words necessary to be used in daily life. Vocabulary development is mainly focused on helping learners to learn the meaning of new concepts and words in different academic contexts. Teaching students to understanding the meaning of different vocabulary can help them in understanding the keywords in a text.

Both oral and written vocabulary can assist in writing stories through an improved understanding of the keywords. The students who have learning disabilities are likely to struggle when writing stories because they lack the necessary knowledge concerning written vocabulary. The methodology used in the research will involve six participants between the age between 25 years and 26 years. The effects of vocabulary on writing stories were practically investigated practically using the size participants who were being divided into two groups. Both groups were given a picture to describe it by writing a short paragraph. Introduction The ability of the learner to understand vocabulary determines their story writing capabilities.

Many people students who have learning disabilities struggle when writing the story because they lack written vocabulary. The writing of any story is entirely determined by the vocabulary understanding of the student as there is a direct relationship between vocabulary knowledge and story writing. The vocabulary knowledge improves the chances of students to understand how to write stories. The learners struggling with writing disabilities are said to read less hence failing to improve their vocabulary knowledge (Webb, 2007).

The students who can comprehend academic texts or write a story are those who have developed their understanding of vocabularies necessary to use when communicating through writing. Vocabularies help learners in transforming their thoughts into a story through writing. Therefore, it is the knowledge of vocabularies that students can be in a position to compose a story that can make meaning and communicate the intended message. Justification There have been some challenges that are being experienced by many learners when writing stories.

For the learners to be in a position to ensure excellent story writing skills need to have the necessary knowledge concerning vocabulary. Failure to have good vocabulary knowledge can result in poor story writing as the primary aim of writing a story is to pass certain information (Hudson, 2007). Vocabularies are vital in communicating through writing as they help in converting ideas into texts. Therefore, through this research, the effects of teaching vocabulary on the learners’ ability to write the story were known. Research objective To investigate the effects of teaching vocabulary on the ability to write a story. Research question What are the effects of teaching vocabulary on the ability to write a story? Literature review Vocabulary and Writing The quality and ability of a story to communicate the ideas of the writer entirely depend on vocabulary knowledge.

In various ways, the ability of writing efficiently mostly relies on the adequate vocabulary an individual has, even more as compared to the vocabulary which is required in reading (Beck, McKeown and Kucan, 2013). Moreover, after the students learning how to decode various words, they now become able to read as well as pronounce a variety of words that are not even familiar with them.

The decoding process when writing a story is entirely determined by the understanding of different vocabularies that help in communicating through writing. Also, the students can be able to accurately determine the meaning of some words which are not familiar through analyzing the context of those unfamiliar words. The meaning of the unfamiliar words is normally determined by the ability of the writer to understand various vocabularies that are essential when writing a story.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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