To What Extent Has Corporate Governance Enabled Businesses to Achieve Their Goals – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "To What Extent Has Corporate Governance Enabled Businesses to Achieve Their Goals" is an excellent example of a research proposal on business. Corporate governance refers to the processes, mechanisms, and relations by which corporations are controlled and directed (Business Expert Press 2009). The achievement of goals for businesses is founded on the governance structures that identify and allocate responsibilities and rights to the stakeholders in corporations. The rules and procedures for decision-making are also set by these governance structures. Corporate governance majorly involves processes through which organizational goals and objectives are set and pursued in the context of the regulatory, social and economic environment. There has been an increment in the interest of corporate governance by many modern corporations. The increased concern resulted from the collapse of high-profile large companies in 2001-2002 in the United States due to accountability questions coupled with the effects of the financial crisis of 2008. In the present day, corporate governance has become a system of law and sound approaches that focus on the external and internal organizational structures to direct and control the actions by stakeholders to achieve goals and mitigate risks. The principles of corporate governance lay emphasis on the roles, rights, and rights of stakeholders and ethical behavior and integrity in the conduct of corporate affairs (Pearson Education 2006).

Corporate governance has become the staple of everyday business language in the present world (Edward Elgar 2012). It has gone beyond the traditional approach to cover issues of corporate ethics, disclosure, accountability and corporate reporting. But a common question that can be raised in evaluating the significance of this practice among the corporate entities is; to what extent has corporate governance enabled businesses to achieve their goals? There is no readymade answer to this question yet corporate governance has gained momentum world over. There is a need to determine the benefits accruing to businesses in terms of goal achievement arising from this practice. The task of obtaining clarity is not an easy one is given the many different circumstances and environments these methods are employed by various organizations. Entities differ in structures, size, and management styles and operate in different environments. Therefore, the success with which corporate governance has been pursued by various corporations is a function of the factors under which the application is made. The representation submitted above necessitates the need for further research on the suggested topic.
The research shall be broken down into five chapters. Chapter One shall introduce the Background of the study, state the research problem, scope of the study, the research questions and objectives and the limitations and assumptions of the study. Chapter Two shall majorly review the Literature of the study and introduce the Conceptual Framework. Chapter Three shall major on the research Methodology while Chapter Four shall focus on Data Analysis and Discussions. Chapter Five shall make the Conclusions and Recommendations made from the findings of the study.
Research Variables
Independent Variable: Corporate Governance
-Board Practices
-Risk management
-Integrity and Ethical Behaviour
-Corporate Structure
Dependent Variable: Achievement of Business Goals
Research Questions
i) Do Sound Board practices enhance the achievement of business goals?
ii) Does risk management help in the achievement of business goals?
iii) To what extent has integrity and ethical behaviour practices helped in the attainment of business goals?
iv) Does corporate structure influence the attainment of business goals?
Research Objectives
i) To establish the contribution made by soundboard practices to the attainment of business goals.
ii) To determine the impact in the management of risk on the business goals achievements.
iii) To determine the extent to which integrity and ethical behaviour influence the attainment of business goals.
iv) To establish the relationship between corporate structure and the achievement of business goals.
Research Design
The research would adopt a case study design of one of the leading corporations in the United Kingdom which have successfully pursued corporate governance.
Data Collection Methods
Primary data shall be collected from the employees and management of the chosen organisation through questionnaires and interviews. Secondary data shall be relied on in formulating the literature review on the chosen topic.
Data analysis methods
Collected data shall be analysed using descriptive methods such as frequencies, percentages and graphs and conclusions made.
Target population
The research will focus on the employees and management of the selected corporate organisation. The research will target 80 respondents from the organisation.
Sample Size
A sample size of 50 respondents will be used for data collection and analysis 

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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