Improvement in Administrative Procedures: A Key to Improved Public School Student and Teacher Motivation Levels – Research Proposal Example

American Public University
Haval Kamake
In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for the Degree
Master of Public Administration
December 2014
American Public University
Charles Town, WV
Thesis Topic
The topic selected for the thesis is, ‘Improvement in Administrative Procedures: A Key to Improved Public School Student and Teacher Motivation Levels’.
Motivation is the key to success for a person regardless of what particular professional or academic field he/she belongs to. The level of motivation is directly associated with the personal mindset, as well as with the external environment that influences the operating potential of a person. If we talk about students, motivation plays the role of the foundation on which the graph of their academic success builds. Same is the case for teachers who provide their services as public servants in a country’s public institutes. Many factors work together to increase the motivation levels of students and teachers of public school sector some of which include interactive learning environments, peer-to-peer relationships, student teacher relationships, and administrative procedures, which govern the working of the school management.
Purpose and Significance of the Topic
The purpose of this paper is to understand the significance of improving administrative procedures of public schools in order to improve the motivation level of students and teachers of public sector schools.
I have decided to choose this topic because it directly relates to a very important aspect of public administration. Administrative procedures govern the functionality of all aspects of a school’s management. Some of those aspects include human resource management, instructional management, laws and regulations management, student services management, and syllabus management. Better administrative procedures directly translate into a bigger increase in the performance of both students and teachers. In the paper, the focus will be on the factors that are directly connected with the management of students and teachers of public schools, which include student services, pay for performance, and the learning environment. The research will add to the conclusions and recommendations of some relatively similar studies conducted on this field of research in the past.
Research Question
The research question for the study would be, ‘What is the impact of administrative procedures on the performance of public school teachers and students?’
The sub questions for the research would be:
- What is the impact of pay for performance on the performance of teachers?
- Which student services procedures should be put into practices to improve the performance of students?
- How can an interactive learning environment improve the motivation and performance of students?
The researcher aims to use a qualitative approach to conduct the study. The researcher will consult a wide range of primary and secondary sources to reach conclusions and provide recommendations. Peer reviewed journal articles, books, and other credible sources will be studied to explore the issue. The researcher aims to use exploratory research methods to conduct the research. Exploratory method seems to be a suitable option because it would help in getting a better understanding of the impact of improved administrative procedures on the performance of students and teachers of public schools.
Sources to be used
Some of the sources that would be useful for the research are:
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