Causes of Global Warming and Its Effects Warming on Agriculture and Plant – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Causes of Global Warming and Its Effects Warming on Agriculture and Plant" is an excellent example of a research proposal on environmental studies. Global warming is a severe issue in recent times. It is considered as ecological as well as social alterations caused by the increase in the global temperatures. The issue related to global warming needs to be paid due attention in order to protect the people of the world from such serious issues (Schlenker & Et. Al., “ The Impact of Global Warming on U. S. Agriculture: An Econometric Analysis of Optimal Growing Conditions” ).  Climate generally determines the agricultural output.

With regard to the role of agriculture in human welfare, federal agencies have shown their anxieties regarding the potential consequences of climate change on agricultural output. It is a well-known fact that alteration in the climate might affect crop as well as livestock outputs, supplies of inputs, hydrologic stability along with other elements of agricultural systems (Adams & Et. Al., “ Effects of Global Climate Change on Agriculture: An Interpretative Review” ). Statement of the Problem The main objective of the study is to identify the effect of global warming on agriculture as well as plants.

The study will attempt to identify the causes of global warming. There are economic approaches that can be utilized in order to evaluate climate change effects. Along with these, the adaptation technique can be used in order to safeguard from the harmful impact of global warming. The effect of global warming is a topic that can offer insights into how to come up with the policies that can shield the agricultural sector from the negative effects of global warming.

With the study of this topic, the reader will identify the impact of global warming on agriculture as well as plants and can learn how the agro-based researchers can make use of the information in order to prevent the crops from harmful impacts of global warming. Proposed Solution Energy preservation can be one of the best possible solutions to the problem. In addition to this, it is significant to make use of a greenhouse and grow crops under it as it will prevent the crops from harmful effects of global warming.

Education regarding global warming to the farmers and all other people who are related to the agricultural sector is vital so that they can understand the impact and devise methods to shield themselves from global warming. From the above table, it can be identified that 205 days will be required to successfully complete the task. The task begins with the selection of the topic and then slowly progresses to the problem statement. Thereafter, data on the relevant topic is to be collected. It can be observed from the above table that this task will require a substantial amount of time.

Subsequently, the data collected will be analyzed and a solution to the problem will be attained. Documentation also requires a considerable amount of time as this is the stage where the complete study is drafted in the paper and a print out of the study is taken out. Cost To Be Incurred The study of this type becomes quite challenging for the researcher since it requires a substantial amount of money. The expenses statement below will detail the total cost that will be associated with conducting the study.

There are numerous costs associated with the study such as data collection, equipment charges, internet charges, traveling charges, printing charges, student assistants and other expenses. It can be observed from the table below that the total expenses related to the study would be approximately US$470. The study of such type requires high and apt qualification on part of the writer because it is beyond the scope of each and every person to conduct wide research on such a topic.

The writer is required to be preferably a person who possesses a Master’ s Degree in Environmental Science and has done a course on agricultural management. Conclusion Global warming is one of the burning issues in recent times. It also has an impact upon agriculture as well as upon the plants. Climate change tends to impact the quality of the crops and thus might have a negative impact on the health of the people consuming such crops. Therefore, it is vital to have an immediate solution to the problems. Energy conservation and planting of the crops in the greenhouse can help in protecting from the negative impacts of global warming.

Education to the farmers is also crucial in the modern-day context when global warming is a rising concern. The study of such type is quite important for the readers as they can obtain knowledge regarding the adverse impacts of global warming.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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