The Confidential Interval for Calculating the Optimal Physical Activity to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases in Women – Research Proposal Example

The paper "The Confidential Interval for Calculating the Optimal Physical Activity to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases in Women" is an excellent example of a research proposal on health sciences and medicine. One of the problems that are prevalent among health care centers is to ascertain the primary role of exercises in improving the health of female individuals and how exercise reduces the chances of the female individuals in developing the cardiovascular malfunctions. The confidential interval is used to denote the range of values that are consistent with the data which consists of the true population value. The confidential interval ascertains the extent of uncertainty which is linked to a sample statistic. The confidential interval provides an opportunity for the clinicians to ascertain when they can actually anticipate the results that are linked to the research studies. Confidential intervals are mainly deployed in the quantitative research studies in describing the characters and the parameters of a particular population. One of the ways in which the confidential interval can be used in making decisions or resolutions is the determination of whether a particular intervention can work well for a particular group of people. For instance, as a health care practitioner, I will embrace the use of confidence interval in determining whether regular exercise can contribute to improved health outcomes among the female individuals and whether the long term exercise reduces the chance or the risk of the female individuals in developing the cardiovascular diseases or malfunctions. 
The interval will have a significant impact on decision making. Ideally; the decision of recommending whether the long term exercise will be recommended for the female individuals to avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases will be dependent on the value of the confidence interval. The appropriate level of confidence that will be deemed appropriate is the 95 percent confidence level. Ideally; this is because the particular confidence level is that the interval will provide an opportunity for testing for the P values that would be deployed and the 2 tailed test significance. 
In order to collect the data that will be embraced in the study, I will carry out a quantitative study that will involve the use of questionnaires that will be distributed to the female individuals currently with the condition of cardiovascular malfunctions. The primary rationale of deploying the use of questionnaires is that the questionnaires will aid in providing a vast amount of information. Additionally, the use of questionnaires will provide an opportunity for the participants of the study to express themselves fully regarding their conditions. The female individuals will be required to mention the severity of their heart conditions according to the latest visit to their health centers and their regularity in carrying out the long term exercises. The participants of the study will be carried out through the use of purposive sampling. Purposive sampling is primarily used in cases where a researcher anticipates using a sample with particular characteristics. For instance, in the study, the researcher will seek to select the female participants and those with any cardiovascular condition. The data will be analyzed through the use of the F test and T-test statistics.