Teenage Abortion – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Teenage Abortion " is a wonderful example of a research proposal on sociology. The objective of this research proposal is to develop an empirical hypothesis regarding teenage abortion, propose research methods and research designs to validate the hypothesis. Do teenage girls who had an abortion go through life without any regard or memory for the life they lost? Does religion play a role in teenage girls’ predisposition to abortion? Do teenage girls comprise the majority of abortions in the country? Does immaturity associated with age the primary cause for teenage abortions?

The hypothesis could be tested and validated by utilizing a structured interview through survey and questionnaire on a sample class of teenage girls less than 18 years of age. The sample size would vary depending on the time-constrained given in the research. This research could be supplemented by studies from journals and publications which delve on this topic. Through structured questionnaires, a list of interview questions would be designed to solicit the required responses to validate the hypothesis. The demographics should be indicated as well as factors which contribute to teenage abortion.

These interview questions would then be distributed to say, a sample size of 10 or more depending on time constraints. These questionnaires would then be collected; results would be tabulated and analyzed accordingly. The percentage of a majority of the responses would validate the veracity of the hypothesis.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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