Information Technology Management – Research Proposal Example

The paper "Information Technology Management" is a brilliant example of a research proposal on information technology. Since a few decades, there have been significant advancements in the field of information technology that has inclined organizations to depend on IT applications and alter their business processes accordingly (Kelley, pp. 46-49). In the result, nowadays, an organization is almost incomplete without technological installments, and business executives (Schwalbe, pp. 29-34) are now putting efforts to implement different strategies and tactics that may allow them to acquire competitive advantage from their counterparts. In midst of such signs of technology management, it has now become imperative to carry out studies and researches (Blazey, pp. 53-59) on different aspects of this field that will be very efficient for the organizations to utilize technological applications in their different business processes. From this aspect, the researcher anticipates to carry out research in the field of technology management (Dorf, pp. 19-20) while focusing the advantages of technology management, and at the same time, analyzing and scrutinizing different management principles of the field in light of environmental expectations of the business world. In specific, the researcher will endeavor to recognize and evaluate the role of technology management in complementing or discouraging business sustainability requirements that have now become a major concern of business experts and economists around the globe. Lastly, the researcher will focus on secondary research methodology while utilizing primary research methods to acquire data that will allow the researcher to fulfill the abovementioned objectives of the research. Finally, the researcher will focus on the following research statement to carry out a study: “To identify and evaluate the role of technology management principles in advocating or challenging the standards of business sustainability.”