The Role of the Slaves in Shaping What the USA Is Today – Research Proposal Example

The paper "The Role of the Slaves in Shaping What the USA Is Today " is a perfect example of a research proposal on history. It would be an understatement to say that the United s of America has come a long way in the integration of the diverse cultures of the country. The importance of history in our understanding of this day and of the future cannot be stressed enough. The role of the slaves in shaping what the country is today is palpable. The general question being, what is the general aspect of plantation slavery in a historical perspective? The focus of the research would be on plantation slaves. 1. What were the conditions of plantation slaves during the time? 2. What are their relationships with their masters? 3. How are they different from other slaves? 4. What is their importance in that era? The different types of slaves have been a subdued topic in our history and the most interesting of which I believe are the plantation slaves. The sources that I have retrieved encompass much information regarding the topic. The interviews of ex-slaves are particularly interesting as there are different stories among slaves and their conditions including their dynamics with their masters. Their particular involvement in history including a Congress text is also going to be important in the development of the paper. The journal articles will also be helpful in integrating an in-depth analysis of plantation slaves and their life. The idea of writing about plantation slaves provoked my interest as I think there are not too many people these days are as aware of what and who they are. We have to understand the past in order to better appreciate what we have today. I have accumulated a number of sources which would be the basis of my paper. Further research and reading of the materials would be needed in order to assess what should be included or not. The sources include interview transcripts, books and journals articles like that which came from JSTOR, a reliable online journal material provider.