Drug Abuse in the American Society – Research Proposal Example

Drug abuse in the American society Drug abuse is the use of substances or drugs excessively such that the drug user develops a habit and an addiction to a certain drug (Marcovitz 12). Drug abuse involves both medicinal drugs and non-medicinal drugs. The rate of drug abuse has increased consistently in the USA, and the effects are getting harsh to both the abusers and the non-abusers. Drug abuse in America has attracted a global attention because the number of drug abusers and the abused drugs keeps increasing year after year (Swartz 24). There is a need to commiserate the causes of drug abuse, the consequences and the available control measures. The research paper will seek to explore the above three topics in drug abuse so that by the end of the paper, the researcher will provide recommendations on how to reduce drug abuse in the American society.
Drug abuse affects all people in the society in different ways some of which are direct and others indirect. The first impact of drug abuse is health damage to the abuser (Belenko 145). Each drug has side effects, and the extent to which the side effects are felt will depend on the amount of intake of the drug. The commonly abused drugs are alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and tobacco. The research paper will analyze each of the above drugs and examine the health effects it has on the user. The research will analyze the short term and long term effects of the drugs so as to give a clear understanding on the effects of drugs abuse.
The paper will also research on the effects of the drugs to the non-abusers. Non-abusers can be the family members of the abuser, the community around or even the whole country. A drug abuser has a high probability of influencing the people around them to start abusing drugs. The abuser can also become a burden to the people around them. Drug abuse is a very expensive habit and can become a financial burden to the abuser and their families (Marcovitz 22). A drug abuser will spend a lot of money on drugs and fail in their family financial responsibility. The financial effect will be transferred to the family, and they will have difficulties in paying essential bills such as food, housing and education. The society is also affected since most drug abusers end up engaging in criminal activities in order to get money to sustain their habits (Wilson & Cheryl 69). A society with a high rate of drug abuse is expected to have a high rate of criminal activities.
The government can also feel the effect of high levels of drug abuse. Drug addicts have a high need for medical attention, and hence, the medical facilities may be strained. In a situation when the medical facilities are overused, the quality of health care goes down and hence creates a bad reputation for the government. Drug addicts have very low productivity in their places of work (Ruiz & Eric 58). The high rate of drug abuse translates to a situation whereby national productivity is low, and hence, economic development is hampered. Drug addiction affects the quality of education and the can reduce the number of educated people. Most drug addicts do not complete their studies since they do not have time for schoolwork.
Drug abuse is, therefore, a topic that touches all people in the society and is hence worth researching on. Many researches have been carried out on the topic but have failed to address the important factors of the topic. Previous researchers have mainly dwelled on discussing the effects of drug abuse on the health of the abuser. The information available is essential but does not solve the problem. It is crucial to understand what exactly causes drug abuse so that various measures can be implemented to curb it (Swartz 54). The research paper will create more emphasis in knowing the different causes of drug abuse for different groups of people.
After understanding the causes of drug abuse and the effect it has on the society, the paper will also seek to evaluate the effectiveness of the available control measures. Drug abuse is an illegal activity that requires a control measure so as to reduce it (Bardo, Diana and Milich 27). Drug abuse has heightened over the last decade and so it means that there is a problem in the control measures. The paper will analyze the situation and develop a conclusion on how to control drug abuse.
The research will involve the use of previous research reports and books to understand the situation of drug abuse in the country. Observations and interviews will be used to gather facts on the current situation. By the end of the research, the paper will provide ample information that will help the society with good strategies to control drug abuse and minimize its effects.
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