The Effect of Employee Engagement in the Hiring and Promotion Process of Public Agencies – Research Proposal Example

The paper "The Effect of Employee Engagement in the Hiring and Promotion Process of Public Agencies" is a wonderful example of a research proposal on human resources. The intended prospectus is going to be done based on the draft that has been prepared. It is envisioned that there will be sections of the prospectus as given below: problem statement, significance, background, framework, research questions, nature of research and possible types and sources of data to be collected.
The problem statement is going to give a generalized idea of what the problem of this prospectus is going to be. In other words, the problem is going to be stated and explained. In this regard, the problem is given as “The Impacts of Employee Involvement in the Hiring and Promotion Process of Public Agencies”. Then the researcher shall mention a number of reasons why the study is important under significance. Here, and for the topic given some of the significance of the study will certainly include the fact that human resource personnel is going to have their burdens of carrying our hiring and promotion all alone relieved from them (Wilson and Peel, 2001). This would ensure effectiveness and efficiency at work. The background will be more or less a continuation of the problem statement whereby further information shall be given about the topic. This further information shall be linked with the framework of competency training within the organization. Based on all the above discussions, research questions on the positive effect, challenges and implementation processes of employee involvement shall be asked (Walton, 2003). The nature of research shall also be given as qualitative research that makes use of the structured interview to collect data on the importance of employee involvement and the need to sustain it from respondents. These respondents shall be sampled from an identified organization.