Desert Tourism in Dubai – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Desert Tourism in Dubai" is an excellent example of a research proposal on tourism. Tourism has been a major revenue earner for many governments and created employment to a large number of people across the globe. Over the years, the tourism business has been booming with increased investments in the sector. Henderson notes that what has come as a surprise is the reason as to why people would love to tour a desert. For most people, when tourism is mentioned, the sandy beaches of Hawaii, The wild of the dense Brazilian and African forests and the fun in Los Angeles and Vegas ring a bell.

However, it is evident that desert tourism has been a major trend in modern days especially with the construction of the famous Abu Dhabi (Henderson, 88). Among the factors that attract various people to Dubai, we have shopping where; Dubai is a cheap source of items across the globe at affordable prices, therefore, attracts numerous shoppers. In the year 2011, the city attracted about 9 million tourists from across the globe. Unlike in other cities, we realize that the economy of Dubai lowly depends on oil reserves to drive its economy (Henderson, 91).

It only 6% of its economy driven by oil and the rest of the income is through increased earnings from tourism (Mazza, 2). A vast number of companies provide the much-advertised desert tours making the city’ s economy able to tap the potential of the desert to unimaginable heights. The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is the body that is charged with the licensing and the classification of hotel apartments, travel agent licensing and providing the necessary guidelines according to the Islamic law (Sharpley, 14).

For any investor, the DTCM is the first stop as it also controls the various archaeological and heritage sites and ensures that, tourism in Dubai’ s is sustainable and responsibly run.   Rationale/ need/significance for the study Unlike the ’ 90s and earlier years, human interests have been changing to unimaginable heights. Desert rides in the early years were associated with sandstorms and death consequently (Sharpley, 13). Remembering the story of Ibn Batuk and his caravan, deserts could form no good place for a tour or tourist attraction.

However, the opposite has proved to be true beyond a reasonable doubt. Desert tours in Dubai have been responsible for massive revenue generation in the local economy and the city’ s economy, even more than other destinations have been able to generate. With Dubai experiencing a whopping 9 million in the number of tourists the city experienced in 2009, it is evident that there is the need for man to change the way of thinking and make massive revenues from freezing Alaska, the Kalahari and the Sahara in Africa among others.

The possibility of the desert making such huge revenues opens up the potential of the need to explore in-depth the industrial height in the city. The number of firms that are in the city on grounds of offering tourism facilities that include hotels, resort destinations, desert tours, attraction sites, and other amusement sites is also of concern. There is also a need to establish the composition of the tourists, their main intent in the city, what they find interesting about the desert tours and to what extent does tourism help in creating employment.

this, in turn, enhances the lives of the local people and its effects on the religious and cultural practices of the people. Measurable objectives (50 – 100 words)- At least 5 objectives1) To establish the contribution of tourism to the economy of Dubai2) To determine the effects of the increased tourism on the culture of the residents3) To determine the levels of employment created by the sector4) To establish the number of firms that offer tourism-related services to the city5) To study the customer changing tastes on travel to deserts as opposed to resorting cities and beaches. 6) To determine the composition of tourists highly attracted to Dubai; Americans, Europeans, Africans, Indians or others. Justify proper research methodology The research will take a pragmatic approach for various reasons.

Despite the reason that there is need to follow a specific philosophically arguable methods, a pragmatic approach is better off as it allows us to use a scientific approach and yet cover the social aspect that comes in form of qualitative response.

For this research, the data that is required is both qualitative and quantitive. This will enable the researcher to develop a school of thought that will not be biased on methodology or limited to its choice, but rather to one that is the best fit for the study. The data on the number of employments in the industry, the number of firms tourist compositions can be quantified. However, it becomes hard to quantify various reasons as to why these tourists prefer desert tours instead of the beaches.

Each of them has a personal reason due to their different tastes and preferences. The use of this method will also enable the researcher to develop a scientific sample, as one cannot interview the entire tourist population. More importantly, it will enable the researcher to come up with findings that are generalizable and can fit in the context of other similar countries (Matly, Michael, and Dillon, 4). The data yielded will also play an important role in enabling the researcher to better understand the trend. Therefore, there is need to build upon this idea to develop other less useful areas as has been the case with the Kalahari, the Sahara, the Alaska and others as a major way of making use of the idle capacities.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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