Scope of Management Information System on Business Activities – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Scope of Management Information System on Business Activities" is an excellent example of a research proposal on information technology. In the era of fast-paced technological advancement and rapid globalization, business dynamics are also undergoing a dramatic transformation. The use of information technology and its application has helped the business houses to evolve new strategies and analytical packages that have improved their core competencies and production. The application has also facilitated better communication among various inter-related factors thus creating a wider database of new opportunities. P ‘ Access to information represents the basic precondition for the success of a firm’ (Drucker, 1998).

Hence, research in the area of IT and management information system would help to explore the multidimensional scope of improving and improvising business processes to optimize the performance of enterprises. Statement of the problem To meet the challenges of the contemporary business environment of cut-throat competition, effective information system has become essential. Timeliness and efficient delivery of organizational goals and objectives have become intrinsic to the survival of the businesses. Sharing the information amongst the various internal and external linkages, within the businesses so as to exploit the potential and opportunities, has become the need of the hour.

Thus, the highly competitive global environment has necessitated the tacit manipulation of the informed choices by the organizational leadership. Purpose of the studyA research study on the wide scope of MIS on business activities would help small and big enterprises to use it to improve and enhance their business prospects. There is urgent need to evolve new approaches to ISD like MIS (management information system), encompassing various spheres of the business including administration, management, productions, accounts and other areas which are intrinsically linked to produce the desired outcome of efficiency, quality and profits.

“ We realized that the ‘ objects’ of strategy – such as business units, industries, supply chains, customer relationships, organizational structure, and so forth – are held together by a ‘ glue’ , and that glue is essential information” (Evans, Wurster, 2000). The study would, therefore, encourage usage of MIS that would not only streamline the administration and management of the productions and other related processes but also help to create a wider client base resulting in better outcomes.

Aims of the research projectThe main aim of the dissertation proposal is to: Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the management strategies and facilitate informed choices to improve and improvise business processes and performance outcome. Test new approaches to exploit new opportunities and expand business across the globe. Methodology and Procedures The research methodology would focus on empirical research mainly based on qualitative research methodology. The study would be qualitative in nature but encompass elements of quantitative research also so that better and more accurate conclusion could be achieved.

Qualitative research demonstrates and facilitates deeper understanding of the problem and helps to investigate the context in its entirety. Primary data collection would be collected through detailed and qualitative and quantitative questionnaires. Secondary information sources such as libraries, commercial bibliographic databases for peer review, internet resources and e-journals would be used for literature review. Comprehensive data analysis would be undertaken using different techniques. Scope and Limitations of the study Comprehensive sampling with wide-ranging issues which influence business decisions would be introduced in the questionnaires and interview schedules so that the scope of the study is large enough to ensure the success of the research’ s aims and objectives.

The study would be limited to the impact of MIS on the business activities and hence the sampling would be limited to people and business houses that are using MIS in the decision making processes. Significance of the study Various social scientists have reaffirmed that ‘ integration and partnership between IS and the business and of exploiting IT for strategic advantage’ (Beath & Ives, 1988; Earl, 1989). The collation of information, using integrated approach to the MIS and its acceptance as a major factor for decision making has been acknowledged as one of the biggest asset and as an effective facilitator in an organization that promotes operational efficiency, employee productivity, customer satisfaction and hordes of other such processes which are important for decision making in the concerned areas.

The new approach to ISD, therefore, has provided a win-win situation for the producers and consumers both.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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