Building a Sunroom as a Perfect Way to Expand the Living Space – Research Proposal Example

The paper "Building a Sunroom as a Perfect Way to Expand the Living Space" is an excellent example of a research proposal on engineering and construction. Upon discussing with my friends, who live in 1st Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, I propose a need to have a tiny haven built in the house, which can help in reducing the heating bill. I suggest that we build a sunroom that links with the living room of the house. It is evident that, for countries that have extremely cold seasons, at any rate, the larger part of the year, a sunroom is appropriate. An uncomplicated sunroom attachment to a living room where a slab is placed, posts and beams are constructed, and a four-season space is created, will cost roughly $70,000. This is worth noting that the value of the house will increase. As a matter of fact, the resale cost of this modification will range from roughly $50,000 or an estimation of 70% (ROI) return on investment. This makes this project worth an attempt. Over and above, the approximation of the sunroom attachment will require $350 per square foot. It will be equally workable when each of us shows meticulousness in building the sunroom. Since we are interested in pleasure, it is essential to gather enough background information of sunrooms ahead of attempting this mission. Introduction
This mission of building a sunroom is a perfect way to expand the living space and a guaranteed way to raise the value of the home. It is evident that energy effective sunrooms can be a great economical investment. This is, above all, when installed by experts and experienced contractors who guarantee no mistakes like, electrical and plumbing problems. At one point in the sunroom, we will identify a three-season space for relaxing during spring, summer, and fall. An additional room can be created for some furniture and seasonal plants. This can be a little bit warm for us but appropriate for plants that grow well in moderate heat.
Prove the value of a sunroom attachment to a house in a three or four season.
Build a sunroom attachment to the living room.
Help in reducing the heater cost.
Come up with the most affordable plan for building a sunroom.
Outline the process of building a sunroom.
Indicate the type of sunroom that is preferable for my friend’s house.
Proposed Delivery Method
Installation of the sunroom is effortless. This includes preparation of the structure right from scratch. This entails a square, level, and plumb opening to pick the windows and connect the opening to the existing house structure. Upon installing the first window, a point of reference is created for installing the next windows. The next item will be the external trim that should be nailed on the ends of the floorboards present. Finally, after having all the main elements put in place (the beams, slabs and the windows) what remains is the interior work. This includes installing the wires on the wall and regulating the heat. From here, it will be possible to heat the entire sunroom from the present heating system and still rely on sun rays which save the energy.
Building a sunroom to a home can imply creating an extra living room or merely a 3-season room space which turns out to be a significant mission. In fact, costs and other requirements are the major factors that we need to put to consideration in this mission. It is preferable to build a 200 square foot (approximately 14x14) sunroom appropriate for year-round use. Note that this mission cannot be regarded as a (do it yourself job) owing to the fact that it links to the house. Above all, it needs a number of contractors who include a concrete worker, an electrician, and a carpenter. As a matter of fact, the ideal costs include the following:
A simple sunroom attachment where a slab is put, posts and beams are constructed, and a four-season space is formed, will cost approximately $70,000. Note that the resale cost of this modification will range approximately $50,000 or an approximation of 70% (ROI) return on investment.
From the estimations above, the sunroom attachment will be $350 per square foot. The point, in fact, this cost approximates that the carpenter will charge around $64 per hour, electrician, approximately $67 per hour and painter approximately $32 per hour.
In conclusion, the amount of money that we can pay for service bills relies on the extent and the number of times we switch on the heat and the total cost we shall incur for the sunroom. It is important that we recognize that the value of a great sunroom design is not simply by the warmth it provides but also the way it keeps cool in the summertime. We need as well to pay more attention to the shiny finish when choosing a sunroom. This offers an aesthetic value to the sunroom and the house in general, in addition to, acting as a useful heat controlling mechanism. With a plain glass construction especially here in Ontario, temperatures can increase highly such as 150F. However, temperatures can be kept under control with layered glass which decreases the building up of heat in hot months whereas, reducing the loss of heat in winter. We are, indeed, looking for pleasure and relaxation, but we should as well not forget that it is practically effortless to increase heat in winter as compared to cooling it in the summertime.