The Concert Dubai for the World – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "The Concert Dubai for the World" is a good example of a research proposal on management. Dubai is one the world’s fastest-growing cities with amazing physical, economic and financial infrastructure. The is also a destination for pleasure travels. It has recently hosted some of the world most prestigious sports tournaments which include Beach Football, Tennis (similar to the Wimbledon), Gulf and Formula 1 car racing. These events have put Dubai and other cities in the UAE on the world map of entertainment and pleasure. To further elevate the status of the city, Dubai Media City is proposing a concert for the American hip-hop group, Back Street Boys. The concert scheduled for November 17, 2009, is sponsored by Fox Movies, AE Glive, The National and Eye on Dubai. Dubai Media City is an entertainment company with a specialty in music labeling, artist brushing, and movie production. The company has in the past successfully organized world-class Orchestras and concert for local and regional artists. Like in any modern city, concerts are tools for promoting artists and boosting the cities liveability. Concerts are also a good medium for reaching out to the youths and a means for generating financial resources for charities. Given the rising cases HIV/AIDS in the UAE and Middle Eastern region, different methods to pass the message across the most susceptible group has become very imperative. By tagging this concert ‘Dubai for the World’ and committing part of the money realized from ticket sales to charities working in the HIV/AIDS line, the concert will serve a dual purpose of enlightenment on HIV/AIDS and support for the victims of the scourge (orphaned children and widows). The main aim of the concert is to create awareness of the dreadful disease, HIV/AIDS, in a fashion that will attract the youths. More specifically, the concert will:

a. boost the tourism potentials of Dubai and
b. generate fund for indigent victims of HIV/AIDS in the world.
The project is planned to hold on the night of November 17, 2009, in an open-air theatre at the outskirt of Dubai. Adverts will be placed on print, electronic and internet media two months before the concert. In addition, for one week before the concert, the performing artists will be spotlighted in major TV programmes in Dubai to further promote the concept behind the concert. The artists will tour the city visiting charities, orphanages, and historic archives to identify with the people. Dubai Media City has already mobilized public and private security personnel for the event, and a medical rescue team comprising largely volunteers will provide emergency service. All resources have been mobilized and allocated to various lines of expenditure, and an agreement on proper and adequate branding of the concert has been achieved. Prices for tickets have been fixed at 295AED for regular standing and 495AED for front pit standing. Dubai Media City is employing the services of Deloitte & Kellog to manage project fund, formalize artists’ contracts, branding agreements, ticketing and management of donations to charities. The organizer, artists, and sponsors have all agreed on the scope of the consultant’s work. Also, the organizer will use the services of state security agencies to monitor and certify security settings at every stage of the concert. ‘Dubai for the World’ is an epitome of globalization. It will be a breakthrough in UAE’s entertainment industry. It will also be a medium for enlightenment and generating resources for the neediest people in the world. Its success is hinged on the expertise of the organizer, the commitment of the sponsors and doggedness of management consultant.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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