Benefits of Immigration to Canada due to the Geographical Location of Canada – Research Proposal Example

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The paper “ Benefits of Immigration to Canada due to the Geographical Location of Canada" is a fascinating variant of a research proposal on politics. Many people wish to settle down in some other country than their homeland to earn bread and butter for their families. Many of them desire to migrate to Canada. This is because Canada is well known for its incredible resources, colossal geography well maintained health care and abundant opportunities for education and employment. There are many benefits attached to immigration to Canada. I am interested in explaining that immigration to Canada is beneficial, both for the immigrants and the country.

Canada is a country which provides protection to its citizens much more than any other country. We can call it a safe country. One feels comfortable in any part of the country without the threat of terrorism or violence. People are guaranteed protection even in bigger cities like Ottawa and Toronto. They do not feel as if they are being neglected because they are not in their own homeland. There is a Canadian social help system which does not make you feel unaccompanied when you are facing difficulties settling down.

My uncle just landed there, and he told that there are a lot of government-sponsored programs and courses that support you in your hard times. For example, if you lose your job, you will be supported through a government funded program to back up your finances until you find a new job. These issues made me interested in my proposed topic. Hiebert (25-43) has studied in his research the trend of immigration since the Second World War.

Millions of immigrants have entered Canada in previous years, and most of them have headed toward the metropolitan areas. “ The social geography of large Canadian cities has been transformed, an issue that has attracted considerable attention from Canadian geographers” (Hiebert 25). Geographers are more and more focusing on the connection between Canadian provinces and immigration. This research helps to understand the spatial relationship between immigration and urban changes in Canada. Ley and Hiebert (120-125) have focused on the demographic trends in Canada with regard to immigration policies. They have discussed the trends in immigration in the previous years, stating that “ population policy, population projections, and changes in the population geography of Canada… are now in the first instance an outcome of immigration” (Ley and Hiebert 120).

Since not much research has been done in this topic from a spatial perspective, my research will examine the issue using a spatial or geographic perspective in that I will study how the geographical location of Canada is favorable for immigrants, or how the geography of Canada affects the trends of immigration. Research QuestionWhat benefits can immigrants enjoy depending upon Canada’ s geographical location on the globe?

What effect does the geography of Canada have on the immigration trends? MethodologyThe methodology for the research will include a questionnaire given to 100 male and female individuals planning for Canadian immigration, aged between 25 and 40. This age is selected as these people have a clear futuristic view in their minds. The questionnaire will include items asking them what they feel is favorable for them from the geographic point of view in their immigration. I will, then, give a similar kind of questionnaire to a couple of immigration consultants to figure out whether immigrants generally think about the geographical perspective while planning about immigration.

To back up my research, I also plan to conduct a structured interview with an immigration consultant, to take his comments about the topic. The interview will be based on similar questions. I will collect data and statistics and will organize them in charts and tables. The whole research will take around two months. So, the data will be primarily qualitative. Data AnalysisThe responses to the questionnaire item will be analyzed.

Narratives which the respondents will write at the end of the survey will be recorded down verbatim, and then will be analyzed using content analysis. Moreover, NVivo7 is the software that will be used to analyze the qualitative responses, and it will be used in this research to analyze the narratives and responses after they will be read and reread multiple times. An expert will be consulted to independently evaluate the responses and the narratives, to get an exact idea that the responses fit the criteria of the geographic perspective of immigration.

I do not have the skills to analyze the data using NVivo7 software, but I tend to learn this software as soon as possible.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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