Police Corruption Related to Drug Trafficking – Research Proposal Example

The paper "Police Corruption Related to Drug Trafficking" is a perfect example of a research proposal on social science. The paper would be written with the objective of presenting the kinds of drug-related corruption on-duty police officers are involved in. In addition, the factors that led these police officers to commit such crimes would be delved into as well as the sanctions imposed and recommended actions to prevent such incidents. An analysis of the factors would be undertaken to determine why police officers are more susceptible to the commission of drug trafficking crimes. The body of the paper would provide sections on police corruption with sub-topics relating to the following: (1) the kinds of drug-related activities which on-duty police officers are involved; (2) the factors that led to police officers committing such crimes; (3) some famous actual incidents of drug-related police corruption; (4) the sanctions imposed by the state or the federal government in drug-related cases; and (5) the measures taken by the police force in preventing such corruption. An analysis of the factors leading to police officers commission of this type of crime would be undertaken to determine the susceptibility for crime commission. Are the sanctions imposed less threatening than the lucrative prospects of drug trafficking? Are the monitoring methods employed by the police force inefficient to immediately detect this crime? A concluding portion would briefly summarize important points by highlighting the moral of the essay including identifying measures to improve immediate detection and methods to prevent susceptibility of police officers to the commission of this crime.