Essay #3: Communicating In A Virtual World: The Research Paper – Research Proposal Example

Communicating in a Virtual World: The Research Proposal We are living in a world where the best remedy for misbehavior in children isa threat of punishment called ‘No screen day’. It means that if the children misbehave, they will not be allowed to use the devices that has a screen, e.g. T.V., Computer and a cell phone. This shows how much important the virtual world has become for young people. People are doing everything on internet like chatting, planning, sharing ideas, poking, having sex, falling in love and proposing their virtual lovers . They are falling prey to the plastic profiles created on social networking sites and are becoming victims of sex predators, addictions, compulsive behaviors and loss of social and emotional intelligence. Communicating in the virtual world is making us lose our identity as a human being and hence is creating a danger of increase in mental health problems like social phobia, fear, worry and emotional maladjustment. Communication in the virtual world is proving to be a potential threat to the emotional, social and physical health of a people. It is high time that we keep our entry into the virtual world limited and start interacting with real human beings to remain healthy and happy.
The research till now has provided me the data and the perspective of psychologists and thinkers over the dangers of Virtual Communication. I am using books like “Community: From Neighborhood to Network,” by Barry Wellman, ‘Media Effects’ by Jennings Bryant and Mary Beth Oliver and ‘Online communication’  By Andrew F. Wood and Matthew J. Smith. However, I will not limit myself to these materials. I may refer to other journal articles and books so that I can reach the depth of this topic.
‘Media Effects’ by Jennings Bryant and Mary Beth Oliver
‘Online communication’  By Andrew F. Wood and Matthew J. Smith
The Changing Portrayal of Adolescents in the Media Since 1950
 By Patrick E. Jamieson, Daniel Romer

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