Agricultural Marketing – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Agricultural Marketing" is a worthy example of a marketing .reserach proposal.
1. Agricultural Marketing - Today's immigrant likely is Mexican or Asian, under age 40, a blue-collar laborer and not as proficient in English as foreign-born people who came to the United States even 20 years ago, according to a Purdue University study out today. This study could provide a demographic snapshot of your states foreign-born population based on data from the 1990 and 2000 U.S. Censuses and the 2009 American Community Survey.
2. Agricultural Development - The U.S. Department of Agriculture Prospective Plantings Report, released Tuesday (March 31), didn't show much change from last year - acreage devoted to soybeans practically the same, corn down 1 percent.
"The last two years, 2007 and 2008, we've just seen massive acreage shifts for corn and soybeans," said Chris Hurt, Purdue Extension agricultural economist. "This report shows that we are starting to get back to an equilibrium or closer to a balance here in much of the Midwest” Compare this statement to your states prospectus.

3. International Agricultural Development and Trade
4. Rural Development AAEC
5. Experimental Economics
6. Advanced Natural Resource Economics
7. Mathematical Programming
8. Cross Section Econometrics
9. Economic Growth - monitors the global economy and seeks answers to economic policy issues in the United States and worldwide. Your research would aim to increase the public understanding of how the economy works and how to make programs and policies better
10. Industrialization And Development - Strategies And Experience
11. The Transnational Corporation, Technology, And Development
12. Econometric Theory
13. Applied Econometrics
14. Time Series Analysis
15. Asymptotic Inference in Econometrics
16. Econometric Computing
17. Project Appraisal And Cost-Benefit Analysis
18. The Economics Of Monetary Integration In Europe
19. Law and Economics
20. Economics of Information Goods
21. Environmental and Resource Policy
22. Markets and Trade
23. Health Economics – what are the costs of vaccine shortages and what would be the value of having a better vaccine stockpiling system?
24. Economic Development
25. Agricultural Production Economics
26. Industrial Organization
27. Topics in Industrial Organization
28. History of Economic Thought
29. Environmental and Resource Economics
30. Topic in Environmental and Resource Economics
31. Labor Economics
32. Policy and Research Issues in Labor Economics
33. Economic Growth and Development I
34. Advanced Economic Development
35. Agricultural Production and Supply
36. Consumption, Demand and Market Interdependency
37. International Trade
38. Monetary Aspects of International Trade
39. Economic Decision Theory
40. Econometrics
41. Topics in Econometrics

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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