Teaching Textiles to Fashion Students – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Teaching Textiles to Fashion Students" is a worthy example of a research proposal on education. My aim is to develop a unique teaching concept born out of my personal creative journey from inspiration to engaging in design processes through the applications of both traditional (hand) processes and emerging sophisticated technologies. Student Feedbacks: It is important that the students’ feedbacks are taken into consideration to detect how far the new concept has been working for them. And the best approach I will use is a comparison by prototype: the prototype being the traditional way of teaching textiles to fashion students.

Students’ Perspective on Creativity: I will explore the possible outcomes of the new teaching and sampling techniques from the standpoint of my personal experience in creativity. Do the students feel more comfortable with the new concept or the traditional one? Sampling and Teaching Methods: The aspects of creativity in fashion include designing, creation, presentation, and social visibility. From my personal experience, I understand how these aspects worked. However, new technologies have been able to add new flavor to fashion in the production of artificial fibers and blends like Nylons, Acrylics and Spandex and Lycra, fermented fabric and new fabrications.

Some of the teaching concepts in fashion involve sampling presentation, quality identification, and feel-and-felt technique. So, I want to link my personal experience with the outcomes of fashion technology and the previously existing teaching methodologies with the hope of discovering a new concept which is based on using visual sampling to teach fashion to students.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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