Victoria Secret's Expansion through the Internet – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Victoria Secret's Expansion through the Internet" is an excellent example of a research proposal on business. Victorias Secret is targeted to the female consumers with its range of innerwear, sportswear, and perfumes. It is one of the most strongly positioned brands when it comes to luxury lingerie wear. However, the company has a limited presence throughout the world. In today's world, this presents a certain disadvantage since expanding stores worldwide increases customer base.   Project Objective This project will discuss Victoria Secrets expansion through the internet. Victorias Secret already has a website that operates as an online store.

This project focuses on expanding the online store initially in all parts of Europe. In order to improve the online shopping experience, an immerse shopping experience would be provided to the customers where they could upload their pictures and virtually try out the products. Deliverables: A distribution channel; Successfully integrating the immerse shopping experience software in the functioning Victoria Secret Website; An advertising campaign to create awareness and interest regarding the website with its new features. Project Plan: In order to achieve the project, a project management team would be created.

This team would consist of a supply chain manager, a software programmer, brand manager, and project leader. The supply chain manager would ensure that the distribution channel is developed. The software programmer would be responsible for successfully integrating the immerse shopping experience in the already functioning website and the brand manager would deal with Victoria Secrets advertising company to develop the necessary campaign. Project Organize All three deliverables for the company would be organized in a parallel manner.

The project leader would conduct an initial meeting with the three other members of the project team. In this meeting, an overall plan along with a budget, time limit and possible staff requirements for the meeting. In a follow-up meeting held two days later, the project would commence. Each team member would be presented with three weeks to complete their desired objectives. The supply chain manager would have to coordinate with the company's existing supply chain manager to devise a viable strategy for digital distribution. This would cover inventory control, inventory stocking, shipping lead time and mode of distribution.

The software programmer would be responsible for designing and developing the code for immerse shopping. He would have to successfully integrate this into the existing website. A test run would also be conducted. Finally, the programmer would develop a backup system for the entire project. The brand manager would coordinate with the company's existing advertising agency to develop the advertising campaign. This would include developing an integrated marketing communication plan that would advertise the new website on different channels including print, digital and outdoor.

Control In order to ensure that each part of the project is completed on the given time, which is two weeks, the project manager would develop a GANTT Chart. The GANTT chart is shown in the paper.   Project Close: Once all three deliverables of the project are completed, the project will close. The project would close seven days after the deliverables are completed. During this time, the project would focus on getting feedback from customers and correcting them.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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