Building a Successful Brand Is One of the Success Factors for SMEs – Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Building a Successful Brand Is One of the Success Factors for SMEs" is an outstanding example of a research proposal on marketing. This research proposal shall shed light on the significance of branding for SMEs, as most entrepreneurial ventures do not consider Branding as an imperative success factor; therefore, this dissertation shall also highlight the magnitude of advantages of proper branding. Prior to this dissertation, reputed authors such as Rick Mathieson (2005) had conducted primary and secondary researches in order to promote the imperativeness of branding specifically for SMEs.

Some authors such as Rita Clifton (2004) even suggest that the branding of the product or chain should be exceptionally prioritized amongst the company’ s marketing strategy and the rest of the campaigns or policies should be based upon and around the brand-name. Hew & Loi (2004) suggest the contrary, that branding should be based on the company policy and that a successful brand-name cannot be ‘ created’ but rather is bestowed upon a ‘ successful company’ . A case Study compilation by Matt Haig (2005) points out numerous reasons for success and failures of various brand names, through which the author had even compiled a list about why and how some branding strategies fail.

Numerous researches have revealed quite distinctive results; some have even suggested that branding has got little to do with the success of an enterprise and that it is the success of the enterprise which shall craft a brand-name; which is exactly what this dissertation intends to prove wrong. We shall establish the advantages of proper branding and how a good brand-name can make the rest of the marketing quite easier for the company.

The prime aim is ‘ To establish the importance of branding, specifically for SMEs’ . Secondary objectives of the research would include: What makes a successful brand? Why a brand-name must be ‘ created’ ? Advantages of branding. How to establish a brand. Importance of branding to other aspects of the business such as marketing, HR and administration. At the outset, this dissertation shall compile the secondary research data within the Literature review segment; after which the chosen primary research methodologies which are: Case Studies, quantitative questionnaire analysis, and unstructured qualitative interviews would be conducted.

Once the primary and secondary research data has been accumulated, it would be contrasted within the Findings and Discussions segment in order to reach a valid conclusion. Primary focus would be on Qualitative analysis with the Case Study methodology leading the pact.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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