Loads Used In The Selection Of Casing Strings – Research Proposal Example

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The paper " Loads Used in the Selection of Casing String" is an excellent example of a research proposal on design and technology. Casing String needs to be totally efficient and foolproof in planning to give maximum level of output and protection. Therefore, the study of the loads that are used in the selection of the casing string is very essential. The right design study of these loads will go a long way towards providing economical casing strings that provide a thorough protection in the different phase levels such as production and drilling.

1. This case study will look into the designs used in the various loads (like gas injection, production or water) to make a secured yet economical selection of the casing string.
2. This project will give an overview of the software programs that are used to design the casing string and their functionality in the present age.
3. Moreover, this research is intended to give some future implications of using very high applied loads
The casing string is an important tool to make wells. It is mainly used to give protection throughout the drilling and protection process. Hence, if the loads used in the selection of these casing strings are not up to the mark then it could result in the failure of these strings. Subsequently, its remaining life will be forfeited. Therefore, the loads used in the selection of Casing String should be such that it meets the entire potential requirements. There is very little literature about the future implications of very High Applied Loads. However, there are loads of contents from different sources on the Design study of the Loads used in the selection of casing string. There are also several software programs related to the design study that will help in completing the research work.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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