What A Persons Language Can Tell Us About That Person – Research Paper Example

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The paper "What A Persons Language Can Tell Us About That Person" is a worthy example of a social science research paper. Language is one of the significant factors that can reveal the personal value of every individual. A person’ s language clearly specifies his/her heritage, family environment, socio-economic status, customs, beliefs, education, and many more. The living conditions and cultural background influence one’ s vision and articulation. We can learn many things from a person by closely observing his/her manner of using words. To illustrate, we must attribute all our personal qualities (perhaps weakness too) to the family and society in which we are born and brought up.

Obviously, regardless of status, a person will expose his/her cultural background through verbal communication. Although the way people behave varies according to the situation, their language will reveal their intention. Secondly, we can understand a person’ s level of confidence and potentiality from his mode of speech. If a person is not confident enough, naturally his/her speech conveys negative ideas; whereas, a person with strong self-control always motivates others with encouraging words. In the same way, one can not always hide one’ s individuality from others by merely using pleasing language.

Experienced individuals can easily assess one’ s reliability from one’ s language and behavior. Furthermore, people with a true sense of responsibility and discipline maintain consistent politeness in their language. Irrespective of the situational changes they keep firm positions and clarify their stance in a good tone. In contrast, people with pseudo civility are carried away by emotions; and spew harsh language when they get provoked. Usually, individuals who are brought up in a chaotic family environment such as parental conflicts, poor economic condition, negligence, and lack of proper parenting fail to obtain good language.

To conclude, good language is the major indicator of one’ s personal integrity. One’ s personality is highly associated with one’ s mode of speech. It expresses ones optimistic or pessimistic outlook. However, close examination and experience are inevitable to know others by analyzing their language.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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