Death with Dignity: Euthanasia – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Death with Dignity: Euthanasia " is an excellent example of a research paper on sociology. One of the most common sources of debate in the world is the legality or the need for legalization of euthanasia. The main problem with this aspect is the different ways that people approach it as a topic. They see it as a contradiction of their faith while others see it as a way offending pain amongst those suffering from chronic diseases. The ability to think like a liberal is mainly hindered by the beliefs and values many seem to uphold in the workplace, making it difficult to understand the intended impact, positive or negative, that could emerge from this method.

Proposing whether to legalize it or not is one debate that is not dying anytime soon. Some governments have resorted to the use of the law as a way of determining where the legality issues lie. Euthanasia is a good way of looking at the contradicting notions that define beliefs and professionalism. Those who argue for the legalization of euthanasia show cause as to why the terminally ill require a peaceful transition rather than continue suffering yet their conditions only get worse.

Family members who want to see their loved ones die peacefully rather than end up prolonging life yet it is only painful to them also recommend it (Otani 49). The opponents argue that the right to life is a supernatural gift that should be respected by everyone. Giving the physicians a chance to be morally responsible for life and death of the patients is going too far, yet they always vow to protect the lives of those under their care through the Hippocratic Oath.

Physicians could use this mandate to end innocent lives just because they consider them as disabled or terminally ill. It could also be a ploy to end such lives so as to get incentives from the insurance companies who have to pay for the terminally ill until they die. As such, killing them earlier on could save the insurance companies a lot of money (Otani 52-3). Formulating debates based on both sides of discussion could be a good way of understanding what people think about society.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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