The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America – Research Paper Example

The paper "The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America" is a delightful example of a politics research paper. The United States of federal regulations is the backbone of all permanent or temporary rules and regulations that govern the United States. These essays aims at analyzing title five of the federal regulations of the United States, and derive a conclusion about the political environment of the United States from it. It contains 50 titles each of which has their area of jurisdiction. The federal register is a record in which all federal laws are situated. These federal regulations are under the United States federal government. They have little jurisdiction on the state government which is in a way independent of the federal government. Among the fifty titles of the federal regulations is the title 5 section (the United States. 1938, p 19). Title five of the US federal regulations is divided into three parts. The first part is about agencies in the US, and the second is about the functions and responsibilities of the civil service. The third is about the employees in the country. This third part is further divided into two schedules, which are executive and general (the United States. 1991, p 22). This form of section division tells a lot about the government of the United States, no one person has the power to make a law. It would be impossible for a dictatorial leadership to take place in such an environment. The political environment of US is very clear-cut such that everyone has their own jurisdiction. It gives little room for one to meddle in the business of the other. This way, there are less political wrangles, all the administrative units of the country are distributed among the fifty titles. Brian has only talked about one of the aspects of the assignment, he has only told us about title 5 and nothing about the federal regulations. Title five is a wide field, but Brian has only told us about one aspect, one that only deals with the employer-employee relationship. He only talks the industries and how they are involved with the title. Brian has also failed to bring out the relationship between the chapter and the aspect of conscience versus job responsibilities as it was stated in the assignment. He has explained a good transition between the histories of chapter five to what it tells about the government of the United States. He has also given a good explanation of how the federal regulations are prone to manipulation, and how various presidents have made amendments to it. An excellent presentation of how the CFR has been used in real life situations to counter certain events. Brian has shown some of the controversies associated with the CFR. Like Brian, Chales too has failed to show how the code of federal regulations and the title five apply to the statement of conscience morality and job responsibility. He has given a clear out view of some of the sectors of title five. He has explained about the part that deals with libraries and museum services. Chales has also shown various other chapters of the title and what they regulate. He also gives a good reason as to why the law was established, and how it has helped. Lastly, he has given a good reflection of the government political environment.