Thinking Personally about Social Change – Research Paper Example

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Social change in an organization Aldi Company started in 1913. The Aldi strategy based on cutting costs rather than advertising, selling fresh foods, and removing what it could not sell from the shelves. The brand name Aldi got introduced in 1962 and later expanded into an international company between 1970 and 1980. Aldi activities are common in Germany and US. It uses turnstiles and metal gates making its customers exit at check outs. It also had the practice of asking the customers to purchase shopping carriers and accepting only cash until recently.

A reusable coin got purchased so as to use its trolleys so that the customer returns the trolley, unlike other stores. Aldi has experienced changes such as social changes. Functionalists would argue that the social changes in Aldi are as a result of population growth and technological advances, while conflict theorists would argue it is because of class inequalities (Haralambos, & Holborn, 2004). These theories have impacted change in different ways. Social change in Aldi Aldi has changed over the years to improve its viability and effectiveness. It has involved social interventions in its processes.

The company’s improvement has been due to flexible and stable governments in the places where businesses have been set up. The social setting of the society, technology, population growth and free and available required resources have necessitated the company’s changes. Changes in Aldi got necessitated by functional requirements. The company has employed many staffs to help it satisfy its customers in their many outlets globally. Aldi uses lean approach to ensure that customers get quality products at reasonable prices. This lean approach has necessitated by competitive market.

It has offered competitive prices without reducing product quality, making target market choose it even if there are similar products in the market. Aldi reduces cost by saving time, effort, space and energy. The company gets to conform and participate by drawing the customers to it through promotion and additional services. The ideas about competition, value, customer relations, lean approach and quality enabled the company to achieve its goals. Aldi choose to use a lean approach to deal with these ideas and issues in the business world. Some of these ideas and issues were out of their choice.

An issue like competition made the company modifies the ideas of lean approach and efficiency to meet customer’s needs. These efforts illustrated how organizations negotiate change in that they choose means that did not cost the company, for example, reduces cost by saving time, effort, space and energy. This method it used benefited the company and customers in that it changed it way of dealing with things later. According to these changes, Aldi has developed a no-nonsense approach in its dealing with the business.

It has set out a core purpose “provide value and quality to our customers by being fair and efficient in all we do”. It now focuses on giving customers value for their money. It also invests profits into the business to meet its objectives and growth. The changes that have emerged from existing and historical circumstances that were beyond the control of the organization are recession and emerging technology. Recession was beyond the control of organizations in businesses. Technology changes are instigated by personalities with computer science and engineering skills.

Recession and technology illustrate in that both are related and, they cannot do without each other as they drive change. References Haralambos, M & Holborn, M (2004). Sociology: themes and perspectives. London: Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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