The Scientific Method Use – Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Scientific Method Use" is a brilliant example of an education research paper. The Scientific Method can be used to resolve almost any research quandaries in a formal manner. The method includes five main steps that involve asking a question, performing background research on the topic, constructing a hypothesis, test the hypothesis with an experiment, and then to analyze the results and draw conclusions on the findings. With this being the case, it is important to analyze a psychological question and how it applies to the steps as they are described within the Scientific Method.

First of all, a question must be drawn to show that there is a psychological question that must be researched. The question could be whether there are environmental settings that enable criminal behaviors to come forth in the psyche of individuals. Once the question is written, some basic background research must be performed. It is necessary to view previous studies and results that have taken place by professionals in the field as well as any other hypotheses that may have been posted in academic journals by peers within the community.

This allows the researcher to re-examine the original question to better develop a hypothesis. The third step in the Scientific Method is to construct a hypothesis that is in-depth and accurate enough to deliver the results that help answer the original question. For example, it could be hypothesized that a one-parent home in an impoverished neighborhood could lead to criminal behavior by members in that society. Once the psychological hypothesis is developed, it is important to test the hypothesis. This would be done in our example by delivering questionnaires or in-home analysis of young children in their original environments as opposed to those young children that are not in those exact environments but have shown pre-disposed criminal-like behavior.

Once the hypothesis is tested, it is finally and most importantly the purpose of the research to analyze the findings and draw any appropriate conclusions. This can call for asking additional questions for further researchers, or show that the hypothesis was correct or incorrect. This is an on-going process to develop a research topic and produce accurate results and findings for the academic community.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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