Importance of Good Leadership – Research Paper Example

The paper "Importance of Good Leadership" is a great example of a research paper on management. “Leadership is the process in which an individual influences other group members towards the attainment of group or organizational goals”. Leadership has been part of my life since the age of 18 years when I was elected to discharge my duty as an ambassador for Hereford Breed. One of my major objectives was to organize programs and services that would help the junior members to develop and improve their leadership skills (Shackleton 1995). The leadership quality is one of the most fundamental factors in determining the survival and success of organizations, groups, and society as a whole. This has enabled great leaders such as George Washington to defeat better equipped and well-trained English forces. It has enabled Henry the Fifth along with his hungry and disease-ridden to win the most stunning victory over the army of 45000 of France at Agincourt (Shackleton 1995). A leader demands a 100 percent disciplined team, yet knows to motivate and talent-scout individual imagination and initiative. The six traits important for an effective leadership are Intelligence (use of good judgement, good thinking capacity and reasoning), Need for achievement (working hard to succeed and seeking responsibility), Self-confidence (possessing a positive self-image as an effective and potential individual), Decisiveness (taking complex decisions without hesitation), Supervisory ability (getting job done from others) and Initiative (getting jobs done with minimum supervision by being a self-starter). In simple words, Leadership teaches you how to lead and how to live (Manning, George & Kent, Curis 2002).