How High is that Tower – Research Paper Example

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The paper "How High is that Tower" is a great example of a research paper on system science. The study was used to find out the various methods and techniques applied in the process of measuring height in relation to an electrical transmission tower in the absence of approaching or reaching the base. In order to gain good results theodolite and measuring tape was used in the process of contraction of the horizontal triangle between which between two theodolite stations and the tower. The distance between the stations and the angles which had been measured made it possible and clear to analyze and get the distance to the tower.

Results gains from the distance measured were used to create and form two vertical triangles between the theodolite station, which were identified as the horizontal plane and the top and bottom of the tower. By using the angles plus the distance that had been calculated from the two sites of the tower, tower height the end result was (38.64+/_0.087). The entire procedures and the process diploid within this research highly emphasized on making of assumptions in relation to top and bottom within the surface of the building is vertically in line, This resulted in the (2centimeters) error within the entire outcomes proportional to the horizontal displacement realized within the top and bottom measuring points. Introduction The main importance of this research work was to introduce and familiarize ourselves in the field of surveying practices and gain all the required skills in the same practice.

We gained great knowledge during the introduction to the principle of geometric, trigonometry, and triangulation and incorporation to the use of a theodolite; the surveying field tends to allow the professionals in this field to calculate heights and distances of objects.

In most cases, estimated heights and distances may be achieved by deploying use of a series of connected triangles connected in an overlapping manner and their corresponding angles reading. Other important aspects used in the procedure are the distance between two stations. The surveying method is supported by the estimation of the objects’ height that could not be easily measured. 2.0 Aim The main goal of this particular research measure and calculate the height of an electrical tower by the aid of recorded angles by the use of theodolite and the distances that were measured within two given stations.

The use of Trigonometric functions was applied during the entire process of calculating and height estimations. 3.0 Equipment and Materials Digital theodolite – This is used in the process of measuring of angles from each station to another through several points on any given electrical tower normally to 20 seconds. Tripod – Tripod is applied in the process of holding theodolite in place and ensuring that there is steadiness throughout the entire process. Box Tape – It is an instrument used in the process of measuring distances within or between 2 given stations. Pegs– Normally used in the process of marking the places. Plumb bulb – They are used as support of the tripod at the center of the station pegs. Safety vest – The vest was assisted in the process of assuring there is safety measures or precautions during the entire process.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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