Factors of Divorce – Research Paper Example

The paper "Factors of Divorce" is an outstanding example a research paper on sociology. Factors which include a higher woman workforce, divorce, cohabitation, and sex outside the marriage being more accepted have dropped the marriage rate over the years. Despite these factors, marriage continues to be the norm in America. Marriage is encouraged economically by benefits, insurance, and the cheaper cost of supporting more people in one household per person. As the rates of marriage and remarriage are examined, the conclusion that marriage is the center of American culture becomes apparent. Divorce has socio-economic dilemmas. Child support is a main issue. Since both parents are responsible, both men and women are now accountable for child support. This makes parents fight for child custody more often in order not to pay. Another economic issue is for homemakers and their children. Homemakers after a divorce must find a job. Economic issues are just as important as child custody, infidelity, or other causes of derision between couples. Cohabitation among heterosexual partners ends in marriage or break up 50% of the time. The economic reasons are lack of benefits and rights that marriage couples have. Some of those rights include inheritance, death benefits, and health insurance. The cheaper cost of supporting more people in one household per person also applies. Cohabitation between homosexual partners have the same disadvantages and advantages as heterosexual partners, but generally, have two career minded people than a domestic one. This creates a better income for the homosexuals cohabitating. Homosexual men have children only 5% and lesbian couples 22% of the time. Thus, the family is more diverse for these children. Hopefully, the tolerance and acceptance of this group will provide more reliable information in the future.