Stress and How it Affects Students in College – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Stress and How it Affects in College" is an excellent example of a research paper on sociology.   Stress is the physical or emotional response that our bodies offer to external pressure. There are many causes of stress. However, academic pressure, social pressure, and life expectations are the major causes of stress among college students. Many students in colleges are thus prone to different levels of stress. Although many college administrators have put in place various measures like guidance and counseling to control stress, the effects of stress are real among the students.

The effects of stress are not as absolute as they vary from one person to another. This paper will address stress and its effects among college students. Absence or minimal degrees of stress promote high productivity while high-stress levels lead to poor performance in both academics and co-curricular activities. This is because stressful students develop withdrawal traits that lead to class absenteeism and antisocial character. Additionally, stressful students are forgetful, confused, careless, and lose interest in significant issues such as studies. Stressful students are excessively angry and unreasonably hostile (SMU Web).

They will develop exam frights during the examination period. They are easily irritated and tend to engage in senseless arguments. Somebody can easily note the fear and worries of stressful students. In extreme cases, stressful students develop depression and obsession. They will also experience emotional outburst, cries, and mental illnesses. They will also lose appetite resulting in weight loss and low stamina. In extreme cases, stressful students develop trauma, stomach ulcers, and exhibit problems in handling family and social relationships. This may lead to dire effects  like a  diversion to drug abuse and in extreme cases, suicide (SMU Web).

In conclusion, I observe that there are many causes of stress. Certain administrators are trying to control the effects of stress among college students. However, the dire effects of stress among students are still real. Hence, more measures are necessary for prevention, and management of stress in our learning institutions.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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