Kiwanis International Serving the Children of the World – Research Paper Example

The paper "Kiwanis International Serving the Children of the World" is an excellent example of a research paper on sociology. A group of like-minded people getting together to provide their services to the community and children in order to bring about the desired change and make the world a better place is the main motto of Kiwanis International. It is a global organization working hand-in-hand helping and caring for the needy. There are a vast number of Service Leadership Programs like Circle K International (CKI), Key Leader, Key Club, Builders Club etc. providing opportunities for youth and adults to become passionate, competitive and committed leaders. Kiwanis members conduct charitable programs dedicating several hours to various service programs raise funds that are useful for various purposes. These programs are:
Worldwide Service: It concentrates on eliminating the deficiency of iodine in children that affect their lives.
Kiwanis Real around the World: This program focuses majorly on providing the joy of reading books for children and owning certain books of their interest.
Young Children Priority One (YCPO): It focuses on the needs of young children. It is spread out into 4 categories. They are Maternal and Infant Health, Child Care and Development, Safety and Pediatric Trauma and Program Education and Support.
Kiwanis One Day: A day involving a family of the clubs and Kiwanis who join together to serve their community.
Kiwanis objective lies on giving prime importance to the human and spiritual life, promote social and business standards, develop a service-oriented and intelligent society, endure a friendly relation to build a better community and render service.