Causes and Effects of Global Warming – Research Paper Example

Causes and Effects of Global Warming: Introduction: The 19th century and prior to that was faced by the challenges of social upheaval, inequality, injustice and struggle for scientific quest. The 21st century beginning, in contrast is marred by a unique challenge and threat. This threat comes in the form of the mankind activities itself. It is not a war, nor a natural calamity caused by the mankind. Instead, it is the mankind’s activities that are leading to the damage and destruction of the earth’s atmosphere. This challenge and threat has come up in the form and name of Global Warming.
Global warming is a trend and concept that has prevailed over the last two to three decades. In simple words it is the rising temperature of the earth that has been in display and on show in the recent times. It is not a result of single factor; rather it is an output and product of number of activities. These activities range from individual contributions to the collective factors contributed by the mankind in different shapes.
The causes:
In the individual domain and capacity, the usage of the polythene bag serves as the direct threat and challenge towards the environment. The fact that it does not get dissolved in the earth’s surface makes up for the damage clause in its usage. The second associated usage of these polythene bags is its burning which emit carbon mono oxide into the air and pollutes the atmosphere.
The second major cause is that of the automobiles emission. The large number of vehicles that we see around us are contributing in different ways. The carbon dioxide so emitted is getting involved in the earth’s atmosphere and creating imbalance in the nature gases and their composition that is present in the overall surrounding environment.
The use of nuclear weapons and the experimentations conducted on the surface of earth, they are adding to the pollution on the earth’s atmosphere. The radioactive nature of the overall material results in a direct negative impact upon the overall ecosystem.
The deforestation that is caused as a result of the large paced wood cutting by the mankind is another reason. Since the commercial furniture manufacturing industry is largely in use, the woods are abundantly being cut and the earth is deprived of the naturally healthy atmosphere.
The wastage disposal into the rivers and seas by the different industries across the world are also adding to the challenge and threat of global warming. This accompanied by the fact that the modern times are industrial in their nature and nearly every other city has an industrial base, this leads to direct impact on the global health.
The above mentioned factors are the major few causes of the global warming. As a result of these activities and actions, number of factors have been noticed that are evident of the global warming trends.
The rise in the earth’s temperature that has been seen towards the middle of 20th century and present times. To different estimates the water at sea level rose by 0.6 cm in the overall course of 20th century (Rapp, p. 96).
This in turn has also led to the rise in the temperature. To different estimates and observations by the scientists, the overall temperature of the earth rose by 0.6 to 1.2 degree centigrade in the different parts of the world due to the global warming trend.
The damage to the bases of sea and the coral reef is another contributing factor that has been observed in the recent times as a result of the rise in the temperatures and the overall global warming trend.
The ozone layer, which is a most debated topic, has been seen to be on the depleting trend in the recent times. It is being attributed to the rise in the temperature.
The depletion of the ozone layer that was observed in the year 1985 in Antarctica (Gillespie, p. 153) was also attributed to the overall trend and activities on mankind in the form of the global warming.
The usage of the chemicals and other submarine vehicles in the deep sea are damaging the sea life in the different manners.
The sea life is equally being damaged by these activities.
The polar bears are at a direct threat from all these activities (Rosser, p.208).
The unusual and extreme weathers such as intense heat in one part and heavy rains and severe dry cold in the other part of the world are the factors that are the gifts of the global warming.
Overall, this trend is in activity for couple of decades and is destroying the earth’s natural balance in different ways.
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