The Impacts of Policy Responses to Youth Unemployment Today – Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Impacts of Policy Responses to Youth Unemployment Today" is an excellent example of a research paper on sociology. The pace of economic decline and unemployment has become the main concern of every young person taking his or her studies in the institutions of higher learning. Ever since the economic meltdown (crises) of 2008-2009, the rates, especially the unemployment rate has always been unpleasant to every young Australian student enrolled in the Australian university, particularly taking the social sciences courses. The current global unemployment problem presents a particularly difficult labor market experience for young workers.

According to Servais (2011), the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates no less than 40% of all unemployed people are young. As available knowledge indicates, young people are disadvantaged in finding employment, especially in rigid labor markets. There are several factors, such as their relative lack of skills, unstable labor market experience and discrimination, which contribute to the difficulty usually faced by young people entering the labor market. Thus, unemployment among young people has become a major policy challenge for governments and employers in the 21st century. To analyze the impacts of policy responses to youth unemployment today, it is important to assess the character of youth unemployment problems and to examine the existing research concerning the most important supply and demand factors at the national level.

It is also critical to compare the courses taken in relevance to the labor market, given the availability of job opportunities in the related industries. Therefore, this paper purposed to analyze the perspectives or views of the young people enrolled in the Australian Universities in social sciences concerning the causes, impacts of and the policy responses to youth unemployment today. Focusing on the main research question of the study topic, ‘ How do young people enrolled in Australian university social science courses view the causes, impacts of and policy responses to youth unemployment today? ’ the paper considered the relevant literature to the topic of study.

The literature reviewed from other materials formed the foundation and not a limitation to the extent of data on the variables that were collected. More than that, a direct and comprehensive methodology suited for the extraction of the needed information was employed in the research. This research utilized survey methods and applied exploratory research techniques to uncover the real problems faced by young people on employment issues.

The results obtained were interpreted in addressing the objectives and the topic of study. The study is significant in the sense that it will add value to the body of knowledge that exists and the potential findings of the study are important especially to the students, the labor market, the government, and other stakeholders.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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