Consumers Advancing Patient Safety – Research Paper Example

The paper "Consumers Advancing Patient Safety" is an excellent example of a research paper on nursing. Safety of Patients Safety of Patients It was only in the 1990’s that it was recognized that there were too many patients who were harmed or killed by avoidable medical errors. CAPS or “Consumers Advancing Patient Safety” is an organization concerned with patient safety, and prevention of medical error by means of reporting, analysis and education of health care providers and consumers 
A free service, CAPS envisions a partnership between consumers and providers to create ‘safe, compassionate and just healthcare systems globally’.CAPS was formed in 2003 as a result of a workshop conducted by the US Agency for Research and Quality which brought together consumers, health care providers, accrediting agencies, educators and legal system stakeholders. The main aim of CAPS is to ensure patient safety and to prevent harm to the patient. It proposes to achieve this through partnership and collaboration between patients and their families, and providers of health care, and by teaching what customers and providers need to know when they interact.
The resources are Patient Safety, Communication Education, Administration, and general medical information. The audience intended is primarily the patients and their families, and the healthcare providers. Patient safety deals with medication safety, infection control, reporting, surgical and anesthesiological safety, and technology issues. Communication education deals with personal communication issues and personal and emotional support. The general medical information provides a collection of disease-specific material for the patients and their families and professional health information.
While patient safety gives the much-needed information to patients and their families about medication safety and infection control, communication education provides information about disclosure and apology. The resources need to be more informative about the long-term safety of drugs used. In “your story”, the feature story could be made more interesting.
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In this web page, CAPS, an organization for patient safety provides such useful things for a patient as a free brochure, a patient safety workshop, toolkits and the latest news about patient safety. It provides for a platform for the patient to share his/her story. While it gives much-needed information about many things, it needs to give more information about the effects of long-term use of drugs.