Sex Offenses on the Subways – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Sex Offenses on the Subways" is an outstanding example of a research paper on social science. Rampant sexual harassment among women in New York subways was the urban issue reported in the November 19, 2009 edition of The New York Times. The issue entailed the involvement of various actors— especially governmental actors— in addressing such (Lee). The issue is urban for it has been one of the concerns of the mechanisms of urban structures setting the pace in urban milieus, and it happened in the urban (metropolitan) setting. The issue involves various urban structures which direct implications affect the (urban) society as a whole.

Politically and socially, various political actors would be encouraged to give their utmost participation in solving the issue pervading within the city. This would mean the active enactment of governmental bodies and of various non-governmental actors, and would also entail cooperation between the people and social institutions to eradicate the issue of sexual harassment. Economically, with this issue existing in subways, transportation firms’ economy is at high risk of economic instability. I agree with the editor’ s emphasis on the role of different actors in eliminating sexual harassment.

I believe that eliminating cases on women sexual abuses should not be disregarded but, rather, should be given the active implementation and operation of various governmental and non-governmental city agencies. The issue of sexual harassment has not been new to an individual’ s ear. Yet, amid this fact, many are still not active enough to involve themselves in solving the problem. What has to be done is not merely political and governmental operation but, importantly, people mobilization and participation.

Strong grounds to eliminate sexual abuses should come significantly from the governmental and non-governmental actors within the urban milieu, and of the people that would actually set the pace for just societal alteration.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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