Ethics in Marketing – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Ethics in Marketing" is a brilliant example of a research paper on marketing. Marketing research refers to bringing about the research methods and employing the result of the research in order to help with the marketing of the product or the services. In such an arena, following a proper code of ethics becomes extremely important in order to avoid any miscommunication or wrong results that might, inadvertently, destroy the marketing campaign of the product or the service you are aiming at. Ethics in marketing research help at focusing and meeting certain issues head-on, such as ethical questions, misunderstandings, challenges and so on (Brenkert, 2008).

Every marketing research that is being undertaken should be checked on the scale of ethical questions. Many times, the researcher may try to follow an unethical practice or try to avoid meeting up a challenge, leading to misinterpretation of the results. Here, it also amounts to misleading the company that has established its trust in your marketing research. When choosing the samples or participants in the research, the recruiters are usually provided with a complete set of requirements on the part of the researcher.

However, finding the perfect match of people with the perfect and required set of characteristics for the research purpose might become tough and time-consuming at times. In such a scenario, the recruiter might try to bypass the process of sifting and sorting the right people or samples for the research. Recruiting of wrong sample types, therefore, might hamper the result in turn, affecting the marketing strategy and the product altogether. Imagine what would happen if an optical company hired people with perfect eyesight for their research?

The effect that they have been trying to establish might just go haywire. As established above, therefore, the need for ethics in marketing research becomes extremely important and one needs to establish every code of conduct mentioned in the ethical code, in order to achieve the desired result.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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