Web 2.0 Marketing – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Web 2.0 Marketing" is a brilliant example of a research paper on marketing. Web marketing has become a popular method of reaching more people in a company’ s target market. It seems that the popularity of marketing even the smallest of businesses is also becoming a social trend. The research identified a video entitled Armando’ s Free Introduction to Web 2.0 Marketing: What’ s So Great About MySpace? . This video is of high interest to companies because of two specific reasons: First, it might create more competition for professional, successful marketers who are trying to sell their marketing services for profit.

When young businessmen, such as Armando, develop their own marketing videos online for free, sales might fall if Armando uses promotional tools to build more consumer interest. Even though Armando was dressed in low-end clothing, which clearly showed his socio-economic status, and was against a backdrop which showed his modest housing, he was quite knowledgeable about marketing principles. He was obviously intelligent, concerned about consumer issues in relation to starting their own businesses, and was very engaging. Most surprising, the video instructor even gave his personal telephone number for online consumers to call him at one of his personal lines to offer free instruction.

People in similar socio-economic backgrounds and there are many in the United States that fit this profile, might be attracted to these alternative instructional videos to promote their small businesses. Individuals who offer instructional videos online should realize that consumer use of the Internet increases each year and would likely be lured by free business instruction online, rather than paying on credit.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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