Stan Albrecht, a President of Utah State University – Research Paper Example

The paper "Stan Albrecht, a President of Utah State University " is a perfect example of a research paper on people. Utah State University reaches the Golden Age with its president, Stan Albrecht. It has been five years since Albrecht has taken hold offering the institution towards success and the statistics affirm why most regard him as the university’s best president. Albrecht believes that access is the key to education. Born to parents who were not able to attain a college degree, he was encouraged to pursue academic excellence. In his desire to bring education to the people, ‘Transformations’ was created. “The founding philosophy of the public land-grant system is that education is altruistic, that expanding knowledge improves peoples lives in a real way. It is this process of personal and individual transformation that is perhaps our most important contribution” (Albrecht, Stan Albrecht: five years in, 2009). The time and effort that he put in reaped an astonishing outcome in the school’s “Honoring Tradition, Securing Our Future” fundraising campaign which hoped to raise $200 million in about four years. Already with three large contributions within three short months, USU has surpassed all expectations and was able to attain its goal within a single year. Ecstatic with this achievement, Albrecht announced the feat to a roaring crowd on August 6, 2008, at Salt Lake City. With the current economic recession, Albrecht’s goal to double the $200 million has encountered a massive hurdle but this doesn’t stop him and his followers from believing it will still be reached (Carr, 2009). With Albrecht’s unyielding motivation and his staff’s unrelenting support, it becomes intrinsic that attained or not, his programs are just what the doctor ordered for USU. His vision instigates everyone to action and his ability to think out of the box and personable character makes him the university’s biggest asset. As what he himself said, “At the end of the day, it isn't difficult. There's no need for an ask. I just say, ‘this is what it'll take” (Albrecht, Stan Albrecht: five years in, 2009).