Main Features of Person's Speech, Charisma, Mode of Dressing, Sound Clarity in Speech Presentation – Research Paper Example

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The paper “Main Features of Person’s Speech, Charisma, Mode of Dressing, Sound Clarity in Speech Presentation " is a worthy example of a research paper on social science. According to the Courtier, good oratory manner and mode of presentation in speech among others define a well-rounded person. Regarding speech, the audience must be in a position to marvel at the well-rounded person. The speech is supposed to make the person be translated into a beautiful spectacle for others to contemplate. The first impression of the audience creates an impact on reception. This means that dressing is vital to a well-rounded person. It aids in boosting success. Furthermore, delivery in speech is also important in defining a well-rounded person. The Courtier also insists that a well-rounded person should have a well-sounding voice that is clear, sweet and sonorous. The voice should not be too effeminate, not rough, and should be complemented by a calm face and a play of eyes, giving a gracious effect.

In addition, the Courtier, a perfect gentleman is indifferent. By this, the courtier considers the act of careful negligence as he appears to be at ease and effortless. This is through the presentation of all by making the audience perceive it as effortless and with much ease. This means that a well-rounded person should not struggle to present or achieve anything.

In summary, the general characteristics of an all-rounded person are good oratory and speech presentation skills, ability to make the audience marvel, a figure of contemplation, and reception everywhere because of the mode of dressing, clarity in the sound, sweetness, and sonority in the voice. Indifference is also a defining term for a well-rounded person in the Courtier (Castiglione & Javitch, 2002).

Question two
This is a survey to find out the validity of the Courtier’s characteristics of a well-round person. The method of survey is random sampling. With this, the samples are regardless of any defining feature. They are generally so long as they are humans. The design is through filling in questionnaires with the answers by ten respondents. The respondents are the people met on the streets without paying respect to their gender, age, race, or any other discriminative features.

The survey question was simply asking the respondents to give a brief description of a well-rounded person in modern society and its validity. The question was leading and leaning towards what the Courtier describes as a well-rounded person/ a gentleman and/or lady. The respondents were to comment on the relevancy and validity of the Courtier’s characteristics of a well-rounded person in today society (Robert, 1990).

The main terms in the survey were a speech of the person, charisma, mode of dressing, sound clarity in speech presentation and indifference in situation handling. The respondents were aged between 15 and 45 years of age, 6 female and 4 male. 4 were high school students, 2 were college students while the rest, 4 were working middle-class persons.

Question three
From the results in the questionnaire, we can say that age was a major factor in categorizing people as gentlemen/ ladies. This is because most varying answers were determined by age rather than gender and occupation.

Respondents below 33 years emphasized charisma and mode of dressing as basic definitions of a perfect/ well round person. Over 33 years, the emphasis laid on indifference and composure in handling situations. Speech presentation did not receive any warm recommendations. This is because respondents said that anyone could give a perfect speech with a good composition, regardless of whether they are perfect, gentle or well-round, depending on the situation of speech delivery.

Social status of the respondents determined their positions on defining a person as a gentleman/lady in society. Most young people and school going students prefer to using charisma and dressing code in defining an all-round person while the others in the study prefer indifference and speech presentation mode; though we cannot dispute the fact that all the respondents recognize all the aspects of defining an all-round person that the Courtier forwards.

Question Four
The Courtier forwards descriptions of a perfect and well-rounded person as an eloquent, well dressed/groomed, charismatic and indifferent (Castiglione & Javitch, 2002). These and many other characteristics define an ideal gentleman/lady in the society; though, in modern society, there are variants that determine the definition (Metzger, 2004). This, therefore means that the definition of an all-round person are circumstantial and leave room for hypocrisy since all revolves around looking good in the eyes of others. Therefore, I agree with the controversial characteristics that Castiglione defines in The Courtier.      

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