Journalism and Press in the Media – Research Paper Example

The paper "Journalism and Press in the Media" is an excellent example of a research paper on journalism and communication. Journalism and freedom of Press have been linked with Democracy since time unknown. Raymond Clapper and Robert C. Maynard are epics from the history who have written personal accounts of their experiences as news writers. The Press is believed to be responsible for delivering fair and accurate accounts of the news and go through light on the meaning of that news (Clapper). Not only domestic, but foreign affairs and news are also the responsibility of the Press to reproduce as firsthand to enlighten the masses about the occurrences around the world. Democracy thrives on free and fair Press. Democracy is believed to be fragile, capable of being damaged beyond repair due to the opposition if the Press is not fair or free (Clapper). Press ensures well-informed and knowledgeable voters taking part in Democratic Electoral System, and is, therefore, the focal point for Democracy and its survival. In this regard, racial discrimination also plays an important role in democracy and electoral system, as evident by Ex-President John F. Kennedy’s assassination (Maynard). The white and colored racism is a never-ending debate, with generations devising different techniques to tackle with it (Maynard). Journalists, on the other hand, or “newspapermen” as Clapper refers them, are responsible for stating their objectives fearlessly. They should be determined to write the facts they already know about without bias or prejudice (Clapper). At times the facts are over-run by emotions and preconceptions, but a Journalist is responsible for stating the facts without being influenced by personal preferences and discriminations. On the whole, Journalists and Press are responsible for creating awareness amongst the masses and to deliver factual accounts to them, raising them to a better well-informed position so that they are able to make decisions regarding democracy and liberty. If Journalists and Press waver away from their jobs, we can witness the decline of Democracy and doom for the country.