The Achievements of Jewish Immigrants in the UK between 1900-1950 – Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Achievements of Jewish Immigrants in the UK between 1900-1950 " is an outstanding example of a history research paper. The British elite has been known to harbor anti-Semitic sentiments that have caused controversies. It is rooted in the country’ s history as the Aliens Act of 1905 showed this bias against Jews as it served to restrict the entry of Jewish immigrants (Wistrich 102-103). That is why there is a need to remind the British society of the accomplishments, honors, and benefits that Jewish immigrants have accorded their host country.

This paper will show how famous Jews have successfully been recognized in the fields of science, business, and music. In February of 1935, Sir Bernard Katz, a German-born Jew, went to England to study medicine at the University of London (The Nobel Foundation). He nurtured his passion for medicine and devoted decades studying nerves, muscles, and neuromuscular transmission (NNDB). His efforts paid off as he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 1970 (NNDB). His accomplishments were so impressive and far-reaching that he was knighted in 1969, even before he was awarded the Nobel Prize (The Nobel Foundation).

The popular knack of Jewish people for business is encapsulated by Jules Thorn, the founder of the famously successful Thorn Electrical Industries. He was an Austrian born Jewish immigrant who immigrated to England in the late 1920s after which he put up his own business, the Electrical Lamp Service Company (Funding Universe). His business sense was so great that he was able to survive and even capitalize on the economic downfall following World War II as he acquired electronic-related companies in a bold expansion move (Funding Universe).

Today, his company has become internationally well-known and a household name (Funding Universe and Refugee Week 6). He not only contributed greatly to the business industry in the UK, as his company provided thousands of jobs, he also helped in other fields, such as the medical research community. Yehudi Menuhin, the world-renowned British musician and considered to be a prodigy of the violin, actually immigrated to England with his family and just, later on, became a naturalized citizen (The Columbia Encyclopedia 31534).

He was a legend in the music industry and known to be a world-class performer (Refugee Week 6). He founded the much celebrated Menuhin School of Music, where many famous musicians have received their training (Refugee Week 6). His contributions to music and the immense talent he presented paid tribute to both his Jewish ancestry and his home country, England. These are only some of the famous Jewish immigrants that fall within a short period of time. One can see based on this short essay that Jewish immigrants contributed greatly to various areas of British society and even accorded England many honors.

It can then be said that the British elite has no right to nurture anti-Semitic sentiments as those that they have discriminated against— through hard work, dedication and innate talents and abilities— have already penetrated the highest of their social order.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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