The Plight of Australian Immigrants – Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Plight of Australian Immigrants" is a good example of a research paper on social science.   This paper will look at the plight of Australian immigrants. It is through an interview with the immigrants where the primary information will be collected. Immigration is explained as the act of permanently relocating from one country to another. Immigration can come as a result of different reasons. The results may be instability of the economy, political instability and most of the time due to war. Many other immigrants move to other countries to search for greener pastures.

The immigrants move so that they can better their lives and especially economically move where they can get good jobs easily. Through this paper, from the interview, the paper will also highlight the benefits that the country gets from immigrants. This is because; the people moving into a foreign country have an urge to satisfy. The immigrants especially move to the countries where their obstacles are minimized. The country they move in can be the country of choice or even due to circumstances. INTRODUCTION This paper will properly evaluate the life of an immigrant.

It will show the advantages and disadvantages of immigrants. The demographic change and the change of the locations of the immigrants affect them both positively and negatively. The impact of immigration in Australia is big. Therefore, it is paramount to understand the plea of the immigrants and the benefits that they bring into a country. This paper will properly evaluate the plight of the immigrants, their contribution and the economic benefits that they get at the country of the host (Australia 1999). Immigration has contributed majorly to the economy of Australia and more so to the cultural growth and population change.

In this case the people of Australia especially the nationals have an issue with too many immigrants into their country; this is because it has changed their culture, economy, and politics. Their voting patterns have especially changed and the social aspect of the country also is a risk. It is also paramount to realize that job opportunities in Australia, economic benefits and allocation of the resources have affected the lives of the residents of the country.

Immigration is also a source of fear to the nationals of the country because there is also the entry of illegal immigrants into the country. Their security is at risk when illegal immigrants enter their country and therefore this leads to fear and restlessness in their own country (Australia 1990). Australia has adopted the importance and embraced the immigrants though with some jitters due to several factors. The issue of security as a risk has led to the country introducing a new measure that regulates the entrance of the immigrants and also tries to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants.

The country through its ministry and the legislature has come up with a policy that admits into the country the immigrants only on a humanitarian basis and especially those who come in to benefit the nationals.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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