Enhancing the Teaching Strategies through Innovative Education In Missouri – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Enhancing the Teaching Strategies through Innovative Education In Missouri" is an outstanding example of a research paper on education. The program implemented in Missouri is referred to as eMINTS which means enhancing Missouri’ s Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies program. The main core of the program is the application of technology in different activities through the learning process to be able to enhance the learning experience of the learners. This is aimed to change the face of education in the state to be able to optimize the use of multimedia technology to help the educators in Missouri for an “ inquiry-based, student-centred and interdisciplinary” education approach.

In addition, the program targets the improvement of the performance of the students, the involvement of the parents and the efficiency of the different instructional educational techniques (Beglau par. 1). In 1997, the program was initiated in the Elementary level, specifically the 4th, 5th and 6th grades in the six school districts in St. Louis County. Upon the evaluation of an independent body, OSEDA (Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis) in 1999, the results had been positive. Improvements in all grade level were achieved.

Thus, in 1999, 88 3rd and 4th-grade classrooms in 44 school districts had been operated under eMINTS. Due to the success, in 2002, 585 eMINTS classroom in grade levels 3 to 12 in different districts in Missouri had been started with more than 15,000 students and teachers participating. The program includes multimedia learning technologies such as “ teacher laptop, interactive whiteboard and projector, teacher workstation computer, digital camera, scanner, printers, one internet-connected computer for every 2 students, and software limited to Microsoft Office and Inspiration. ” The program revolutionized the classroom and learning experiences of students, thus, they are more interested and motivated in studying.

As a result, outstanding changes in the performance of the learners had been observed.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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