Indonesia and Australia Culture – Research Paper Example

The paper "Indonesia and Australia Culture" is an excellent example of a research paper on culture. Cultural parameters followed in different cultures are often argued to define the dissimilarities persistent between them. As culture defines the social behavior, customs and ideas that predefine the path of a person’s life, it certainly exhibits a strong impression on the perceptions and preferences of individuals following its principles. Culture even provides for the manifestation of the human intellectual requirement and defines the beliefs, values, and conditions suitable for leading a healthy lifestyle. It is in this context that different cultures following different paradigms of philosophies as well as social principles, significant differences can be observed between different cultures across the globe (Birukou, Blanzieri, Giorgini and Giunchiglia 1-17). Similar instances of cultural differences are identifiable at the cultural backdrops of Indonesia and Australia, wherein Indonesia follows a set of cultural principles strongly influenced with that of Taiwan, while Australians have been following a mixed culture based society. Observably owing to these cultural gaps, there have been huge differences in value orientation between the two countries. This difference is largely observed to be affecting the developments of relationship amid the nations (i.e. Australia and Indonesia). In subsequence, the cross-cultural differences between the two nations are perceived to be creating a situation of ethical sensitivity (Kalidjernih 1-10). Despite the fact that there has been a huge amount of transaction between the two nations in terms of trade as well as in other forms, it has been analyzed that the cultural along with societal differences amid the two persists at a high rate. For instance, Australian Universities host a large number of Indonesian students but the differences in their pronunciation and mode of studying have been enormously affecting the development of the students from Indonesia in a foreign country. Correspondingly, owing to the cultural barriers, certain gaps in communication amid the native students and the Indonesian students also become apparent. This fact distinctively notifies the fact that there are huge differences between the cultures of the two nations (Teoh, Serang and Lim 137-153; Novera 475-487).