Bolivars Government – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Bolivar’ s Government" is a wonderful example of a research paper on history. Bolivar’ s idea of an executive branch is headed by a restricted life term-president who appoints his own successor through the Vice President, as well his cabinet members. He acts the Commander in Chief of the army and as the figurehead of the republic. The Vice President will succeed the President and administer the affairs the state and head cabinet ministers in managing the finances and diplomatic relations of the state and enforcing legislation of the tribune. The legislative branch is composed of an elected Assembly, a hereditary Senate and a board of Censors.

The Chamber of Tribunes initiates laws and has a limited sovereignty. The Senate is a virtuous, patriotic and intellectual body which enacts laws, ecclesiastical regulations and appoints lesser officials of the department of justice. Censors, on the other hand, exercise political and moral powers and decide whether the administration of the executive is satisfactory. In Bolivar’ s government, there is no judicial branch, thus Censors function as the Supreme Court and judicial reviews are solely attributed to them.

Check and balances are also built within the system. The Tribunes are held responsible to the executive and other legislative branches. Censors are ensuring the liability of other branches and citizens constitutionally. Lastly, all appointed government officials are held responsible to the people on whom true sovereignty lies. It is for this reason that Bolivar proposed a representative electoral system where every ten citizens will elect one elector who will actually vote in the Republican elections. Finally, the value and measure of merits and abilities lie wholly on the people who have the right to elect his legislators, governors, judges, and pastors who must have natural qualities of competence, honor, and will to command.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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