Gardners Theory and Childrens Artwork – Research Paper Example

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The paper "Gardner’ s Theory and Children’ s Artwork" is a wonderful example of a research paper on psychology. This report is based on the observation made by keenly watching three children, Mark Joseph, Glenda Geri Tan Min, and Ashley Brown. Mark, 7, was fragile and skinny. He had been observed for an hour. He picked up a drawing sheet and came to his seat with a set of watercolors. He drew a rough pencil and made the facial features and watercolored the drawing. He used lines and a big rectangular for the face, little ovals for eyes, and triangles for ears.

He used blue color a lot. The artwork was in accordance with Gardner’ s developmental theory as Mark, who seemed too small for his age, created an artwork that showed that he was intelligent enough to use shapes like lines, rectangles, and triangles with accurate sizes at appropriate places. Glenda, 8, was a quiet girl. She had been observed for half an hour. She preferred to use watercolors for her painting. She did not make any pencil sketch. She made apple trees in the middle of the sheet, painted ground with stones on it, drew the sun and clouds, and colored the background in light grey.

She was intelligent enough to use accurate colors for every piece of drawing and in perfect shades. She used little circles for apples and stones, and lines for stems and sun rays. The sketch was in accordance to Gardner’ s theory as Glenda did not speak a lot and did not seem to be having the very good motor or social skills, but she showed her intelligence very precisely in her cute painting.

Ashley, 12, was also a quiet girl so much so that she seemed to lack motor skills wholly. She drew a pencil sketch of trucks on road and two kids standing on the footpath. Then, she took pencil colors and very lightly colored the drawing. She used lines mostly. Though the drawing was not very bright, Ashley did show her intelligence in precise coloring and good sketching, and that is why this drawing was also in accordance with Gardner’ s theory.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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